Change and innovation in the work environment

In today’s economy we have experienced numerous amounts of change especially within the workplace. Some of these changes consist of newtechnology, procedures, as well as equipment, which can cause a lot of misunderstandings amongst present employees. According to the scenario given; a majorhealthcare organization has decided to use electronic medical records (EMRs). The employees in this organization are resistant to change, specifically changes that have to deal with technology.

There are several ways that an employer can resolve situations like these and convert it into a positive that will benefit the facility. Within the workplace it may be difficult for employees to adapt change due to being confined to their usual agenda. Also most may find it highly difficult to manage the adjustment in using electronic medical records (EMRs), because that’s training that present and future employees would have to complete in order to be certified to use this new technology.

Also acknowledge that many of these facilities today rarely offer on-the-job training, which is time that employees have to appoint in order to be up to date with their place of employment which many may not have. Therefore, giving us an understanding why employees would be resistant toward the technical changes within the workplace. Being that I am a recreational manager at my current place of employment I too have to deal with the questions and concerns of current employees who may have an issue with certain changes.

Some strategies that I consider helpful is to start by finding out their reason for not wanting to confine to the new changes and hopefully see if there is a reasonable conclusion that can possibly resolve the situation at hand. Also, stating the present reason(s) for the change, Change and Innovation giving the employee an explanation on how it will benefit the facility as well as themselves. After doing so if their still in disagreement I’d still encourage them to perform their duties to their fullest potential.

It is not guaranteed that an employer can please all of its workers, but make it to where they at least feel comfortable performing their duties in that particular workenvironment. So it is good to follow through with the innovation plans, so that employees are aware of their newgoalsand how to manage their performance for the better good of the company. So why are some employees resistant toward organizational change? There can be multiple reasons for this.

Many may disagree with certain changes that are being made, time managementmay cause conflict to a lot of schedules, due to the fact that many of us do inquire a second job, or it can just be that they may not like the new ideas of change for their own personal reasons. It is understandable that employees may have issues with certain adjustments especially if it’s going to affect other things they may have going on. For example, at my place of employment we had recently made the decision to keep our facility open later on the weekends because we realized we make more profit mainly on the weekends.

Whereas making such change has affected some of our employees being that some of them work second jobs strictly on the weekends aside from this one, along with others who have children and are not able to find child care that could keep their children until eleven o’clock. So it has created a lot of conflict for some of our employees where we had to come to an agreement on how we could work around their second job schedules and their availability. Having to adjust to certain employees’ availability is where Human Resources can play a role in adapting and managing change.

They have the ability to set forth ideas and solutions on how to keep the necessary change in progress Change and Innovation as well as assisting their workers with managing their work schedules and extras that may hinder them from fully achieving the necessary changes within the work environment. Giving another example from my place of work, we have recently got the approval to expand our facility so we can add more amenities for our customers’ enjoyment. Therefore, Human Resources have aken it upon themselves to hire flex time workers in order to cover the shifts that our regular workers cannot. However, it all works out for the better good of our facility by increasing the success from the management of innovation and change. Reference 1. http://smallbusiness. chron. com/innovation-change-business 2. http://www. leadership-and-motivation-training. com/strategies-for-managing-change 3. Coulter, M. , DeCenzo, D. , Robbins, S. (2011). Fundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications. Seventh Edition. PearsonEducation. Published: Prentice Hall.