Cell phones and car crashes essay


“ More Deadly Crashes After Dark Linked to Teen Cell Use” is an article discussing the theory that the increased occurrence of fatal car accidents over the past ten years is a result of more cell phone use. The article contains reliable statistics demonstrating that the incidence of fatal night time car crashes has risen by around ten per cent over a ten year period. The journalist acknowledges that there are other possible reasons for this rise, such as driving under the influence of alcohol. However, in its conclusion, the article implies that the use of cell phones is likely to be the overarching cause.


This article does not contain any viewpoints opposing the thesis; all experts quoted are ones that either back up the possibility of cell phone use causing the rise in deaths, or are professionals simply stating statistics of deaths, without giving any opinions on the causes.
This increase in fatalities is certainly worrying, and needs to be addressed and investigated. It is true that an increase in cell phone use could be a factor. However, there are many other possible explanations . It is well-known that the population in America is increasing; therefore more people are driving. Furthermore, it is possible that there is more affluence in families and that more young people are on the roads earlier than they used to be. As there are more people driving, it is predictable that the number of road accidents is likely to increase accordingly. Also, as the article suggests, alcohol could have an influence on the situation.
It is possible that cell phone use is causing a rise in fatal night time car accidents. However, it is equally likely that some, if not all, of the other potential causes are also contributing.

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