Causes and ways to reduce fatal accidents

Accidents involving fatalities during the festive seasons has increased drastically. We should take this as a serious matter as it brings a lot of negative impacts to the road users and people around us. Based on a survey which has been conducted recently, the number ofroad accidentsin 2013 has increased about 25 percent compared to last few years. Authorities believe that the number of death toll in road accidents will increase continuously throughout the year if there is no strict rules are imposed.

There are many reasons why there has been an increase in fatal accidents over the year. Firstly, drunk drinking is the main reason that causes road accidents. Intake of certain amount of alcoholic drinks will make one feel unconscious and unwell. When he or she lapses into unconsciousness, he or she might not be able to drive with a sober mind. This is because their mental power is unable to function well at that moment and they tend to lose their senses as well . Besides that, negligence and reckless driving also cause fatal accidents.

Reckless rivers usually like to break rules and even tend to challenge the police officers. Some the drivers like to tail along ambulances during emergency cases when the siren is on. Those are the irresponsible road users that should be suspended or fined . On the other hand, talking or messaging on the mobile phones while during driving is Jeopardizing your own life and the lives of your loved ones. People like to use their phones to chat incessantly and keep looking at their phones every second. Sometimes, we should limit oneself not overuse it especially when you are driving.

Road users should always be caution and pay full attention while behind the wheels. In addition, exhaustion and tiredness can cause road tragedy. When a person travels long distance to reach the respective destinations, they will feel drowsy and exhausted which make them to lose focus on driving. Some of them even fall asleep behind the steering wheel. In order to avoid any untoward tragedy, one should get enough rest before starting your Jorney. Also, do not take any medicine while driving on the road. There are many ways to overcome the fatal incidents.

Government should remind all road users to always adhere to speed limit and not to beat the red light. Observationof traffic rules and regulations will ensure a safe Journey. Government should also launch some campaigns in order to develop awareness among the motorists. In a nutshell, all parties should play their parts efficiently in order to reduce the road accidents. A I Malaysian drivers are urged to practice courtesy and consideration at all times while on the road because millions of vehicles will be sharing the same road. Remember, better to be safe than sorry.