Case study week 6

Summary: International Ethical Standards Summary: International Ethical Standards The accounting field has been regarded as an epitome of high ethical standard. However, the trends are changing in the contemporary world due to the dynamism in the practice and a noticeable increment in unethical behaviors. In the US, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) borrows the professional best practices from the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) (Brewer, 2015). The AICPA provides guidelines for occupational and certified accountants on how to act professionally in an ethical manner, acting within the scope of their duties and adhering to the rules set by legislative bodies that govern the practice. On the other hand, IFAC focuses on upholding global business standards and corporate ethical behavior to satisfy universal stakeholders.
As an important component of economic success and public or private investment, credibility, transparency, and competency are fundamental value in the accounting practice. Specifically, this is ideal for ensuring reliability, quality services, and moral behavior to promote the ethical standards of the occupation. In addition, the development of quality service through the observation of the moral standards attracts investors (Brewer, 2015). The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is mandated with proposing new regulations and invite the public to submit their opinion on how to make the accounting professional better and comply with the ethical standards. In executing their duties, regulatory bodies need to embrace transparency as a core value to enhance ethical behavior in accounting occupation. Public transparency in the regulatory practices is essential for standardizing ethical practices in accounting. There are uncountable regulatory agencies that exist in different international, national, regional, and local levels (Brewer, 2015). Due to the increase in global economies and the demand for accounting reports, ethical practices have become fundamental to the practice, fostering an intervention by agencies to manage and control the moral standards.
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