Case study guidelines

Case presentation guide: As a group, introduce the company – in 2 minutes or less! Then go on to address the questions in the case (6-7 minutes) – This part is the most important – so pay more attention to answering the questions – in the presentation as well as in the report. Justify your answers.

Be Creative. Allow 3-4 minutes for discussion/lamentation with class.

In all, we are looking at a maximum of 10 minutes per case, plus a few minutes for any discussion. B. Report guide: Before you address the questions in the case, provide the background information. Research the background of the company’s in the case.

Understand the macro- environmental forces that are most important for the company and its products – discuss each macro-environmental factor and its impact on marketing activities/ strategies.

Understand the markets, segments for the company, know the geographic extent of the firm’s operations. If the firm has foreign operations, what ways (exports, subsidiaries, Joint ventures etc) does it operate? Get information on sales volumes, refits, the mall competitors, products, promotional actively, the type of distribution, how competitive the company Is on price etc. How does It position Its products/brands? Make sure you use headings and sub-headings, paragraphs etc. Or presenting the material to the reader. Use appendix if necessary (refer them in the main report).

Cite references. Maximum 6/7 pages double spaced, for the main report. Do not use plastic! Note: there are many things you can pack into the “ background”. Have only the relevant topics (2-3 pages Max) – which must include “ macro-environmental” factors – and their impact on marketing activities. Notes: use presentation tools such as graphs, tables, figures etc to convey information more efficiently and effectively.

If you feel the report may be longer than suggested, use an “ Appendix” section, and make sure to refer to the appendix In the mall report.

Grading will be based on the following factors: content, maintaining time schedules Tort reports, reactive use AT presentation tools, presentation organization, answers to the case questions (most important) – both in the presentation and the report and the ability to address questions from the class. Important: turn in the report before you begin your presentation.