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Graphic Designer

Graphic designer is specializing in the design of the environment by means of graphs. He works with signs, billboards, posters, signs, signs and designs that we see in a lot around, and also takes care of readability we needed information, such as websites, magazines, newspapers, flyers, book covers and discs restaurant menu, catalogs, business cards, as well as packaging products, manufactured goods, and graphics windows. From this brief enumeration, you can see that wherever we come from, we are all bound to see a variety of graphic design projects. Occupation graphic designer has several lines, and one designer can work in either one of them or combine two or three directions.
If we’re talking about graphic design for the Internet, graphic designers involved in the creation of web sites, banners, making the virtual environment as a user-friendly internet and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. Making your website and online banners included in the development of corporate identity and prescribed in the manual for the style. In this case, the graphic designer is not necessarily own the technology layout of sites, with the exception of those cases where it is narrowly specialized in this area. But in any case, he must know the rules of a virtual graphical space.

Degree and Education Requirements

Usually it is a bachelor degree of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. This program takes 4 years of study, courses include:
– Typography
– Advanced graphic design
– Book design
– Drawing
– Digital media
– Photography
– Computer-assisted design

Salary Range

The average level of salary for graphic designers is between $24 000 and $59 000. The very rare and good specialists could earn more than $75 000, usually they are employed by government.

Pros and Cons

– Creativity. This is not a routine job. People who have good imagination an like to create will be very satisfied in this job. As it was said in ancient times: “ Choose a job that you like and you will not work any day in your life”
– Opportunity. This career has a very huge area of using, because graphic design is needed almost everywhere – in newspapers, in advertisement, in web, in any job where design or decoration is needed.


– Constraints. Not every designer, coming to work, gets what he expected. Not every employer gives creative freedom. It is often necessary to work within the strict limits.
– Instability. Usually graphic designers are self-employed or working on a contraction base. That’s why this job sometimes can bring some losses.

Web Designer

Web-designer is a specialist in the field of web development and design, which aims at designing user interfaces for websites or applications.
Work of a specialist in web design involves both to the original design, so the technical solutions in the design of web interfaces that provide ease of use web resource. As a result of the intersection of the two branches of human activity the web designer should be familiar with both the latest web technologies and have skills in the field of art and design activity.
Degree and Education Requirements

Usually it is a Bachelor degree in Web Design and Interactive Media. It covers:

– Multimedia design
– Webpage scripting
– Programming
– Web development
– Digital imaging
– Databases

These courses includes the following:

– Basic web design
– Content management
– Animation
– Multimedia programming and technology
– Multimedia design
– Fundamentals of design imaging
– Editing for video and audio

Salary Range

The average Web Designer salary is changing between $32 000 and $83 000. It significantly differs on the area the designer working with (audio, video, programming, etc.)

Pros and Cons

– With proper experience and training demand in the labor market,
– Not confined to one country,
– The possibility of remote work,
– Web design market provides ample opportunities for professional growth,
– Any error in the design correctable,
– You can implement any idea without monetary cost,
– Decent wages.


– Work in this area is just as hard as in any other,
– It is difficult to change such a creative profession
– Often the artistic vision of the customer and the artist is not the same. Because of what is necessary either to convince of the need for a specific design solution, or agree with the amendments.


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