Caning: education and students

Caning is a common form of punishment that has being used to solve discipline problems among students in schools now days. There are many cases about the caning in schools has been reported. These problem occurs because of the discipline problem in schools is increase and cannot be control by teachers and they think only cane is the method that they can be used to fix the indiscipline problems among students. Caning should not be considered as a most effective method to appropriate with problem of indiscipline (Devaraj, 2007).

Why caning cannot be used as a method to solve with indiscipline problems? This is because caning could give more negative effect than the positive effect. What is the negative effect will occurs if caning is being used in schools continuously. The negative effect of caning on students are student’s mentally effects, student’s physically effect and increase more discipline problems. Firstly, the negative effect of caning on students is student’s mentally effect. Student who are be cane will be a traumatic person.

For example, they will be afraid and fear to be in school because in school, they will hear another student who is being cane scream for suffering pain. Student also will lack of confidence on doing something. This is because they could not trust with their self and also with another person. Student will keep their emotion without sharing with others member or their families. Public caning is the example of reason why student be like that. From the public caning, student will feel embarrassed when they are in school because they were being cane in front of all students.

Moreover, the corporal punishment interferes with the responsible to agitate and take part as it promotes antisocial behavior. (Sridhar, 2005). For example, gangsterism, vandalism, cheating, truanting and etc. For instance, caning also can cause low self-esteem to the student which may run their future life. Student will feel that they are not useful to the other and it will lead them to do something that is out of expectation. Caning can cause less of self-concept, where he is grow up in fear and easily to be panic (Suhaini Aznam, 2007).

For example, if the student being cane on doing something wrong that unnecessary to use cane to teach them, such as forgot to borrow text book then they will try to call their mother to send that book to the class because they will feel fear and panic in class and afraid thatteachercould cane them if they do not borrow the book. Secondly, the negative effect of caning on student is student’s physically effect. For instance, caning give physical suffering to student. It can cause bodily such as arm, leg, buttock and etc. If caning was painful then, they will take time to recovery.

For example, if the pain is difficult to heal, then it will take a longer period of time for healing. Furthermore, caning also can give unreasonable cause of pain such as broken arm or leg, bleeding and etc. For example, teachers are always using cane as a punishment to the student who are unfinished their work. These punishments just waste their time because student only can get pain but the teacher is not sure whether the student can change their attitude with that punishment or not. In addition, student also can get the damage after the caning.

From what we know, caning is a punishment that can give pain for the person who is be cane. Caning is definitely leaves marks on them, but parents who are usually dispute to other issues just accept this punishment (Chin, 2007). Scar is a mark left the skin by a wound, sore, etc and it is difficult to varnish. Student can get the scar from the caning if the caning is to hardly and need time to recover. For example, the caning at the buttock where student cannot sit down on the chair after the caning because it can give them more pain on their buttock if they sit down.

The strangers resulted in bodily injury is not the right thing to these kids (Audrey, 2007). This is because the caning is a punishment that only gives physical suffering to the student. This punishment also looks like achild abuseandviolencebecause it is a cruel punishment for teacher to do that on student. Last but not least, the negative effect of caning on student is increased more discipline problems. For example, bad behavior or attitude will be creating from the caning.

This is because student will become more aggressive and anger to the teachers or others student from what the teacher have done to them. For instance, the student cannot accept the punishment that they get from the caning because they think that the mistake that they have made is not a big issue to deal with the caning. So, caning is not the corrective punishment that can be used for fix the problem within the students. From what we can see, student’s now days is changes from day to days. They have grown up to become adult and they will rebel on whatever teachers say.

So, the teacher should give some counseling and guide them for continue their life in the future without including themselves with the social problem. The merest vision of rod was enough to scare the more surprise students (Kayleigh, 2004). Instead of caning, the teacher should find another solution to solve the problem with the students because the caning only frighten the student but not deal with the problem that they have did . Caning is a method that can forces student to obey the rules of the school. For example, student will do what they want to do without feel fear to the rules.

They think that they can fight back with whatever punishment the teacher gives to them. Furthermore, it can create a problematic student. As a result, they will express their feeling of anger and degrading towards another student and society where school should not be speaks (Audrey, 2011). This attitude will cause to the others student. For example, student who are bebullyingby the problematic student will feel afraid to face with that student and it can cause she or he do not came to school. Moreover, it also createseducationproblem such as lazy to go school.

Hence, if student lazy to go school, it will perform theiracademicachievement is low. In conclusion, caning is not only the method to teach the students because it could harm student mentally, physically and it can causes the increasing discipline problem among the students. Teachers should be considering with the problem that have been done by the student before they cane them. Caning is a cruel punishment and it should be banned in the school. Caning also will encourage students to do something that is outside expectation.

Hence, teachers should find another alternative to teach their students and find the solution to avoid the discipline problem and negative attitude among students. They can develop some programmed that include good attitudes, value and skill how to avoid from the aggressive behavior. Teacher also need to know how to teach indiscipline students and should not use roughness on them because with this method, teacher just only will encourage them to do it again and again and cannot eradicate with their discipline problem. REFERENCES Audrey, L.

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