Cadbury e-marketing assignment

For example, Easter, Christmas, New Year or summer helps excite people for all the new and upcoming products released every year. This includes wining prizes from Catbird by the use of signing up on the websites in order to get the best offers. This also helping Catbird to know the amount of clicks every year and all user information in order to help them reach out to consumers through the use of e-mails and promotions when needed. B. Channel: The Catbird channel is mainly segmented into three deferent sectors. This including:

Chocolate: Catbird chocolate Is the main product of the brand that has been around for many years, and many people have grown to be familiar with. One of the leading chocolate brands from around the world this sector includes the traditional Catbird bars, Catbird Dairy milk, Fruit & nut, Crackle and celebration Gift boxes. Sugar confectionery: The chocolate milk ?? claims Is one of the leading sugar confectionery In Catbird, Including Catbird milk buttons. Most of these confectioneries are distributed In bags, boxes and tins. Drinks: The leading milk malted drink food products.

Other products that are also well known and are included are the Catbird cocoa powder and drinking chocolate powder. Catbird main factors of success are its extensive distribution network, we know this because the Catbird brand is available In shops all around the world. Catbird has Invested a lot In building a great network, using Information technology to help improve the logistics and distribution of the products. This includes distribution Catbird refrigerators to several outlets around the world; this helps in maintaining the quality and presentation of the product.

Another way of marketing the products through channels has been providing consumers with gifting and snacking brands. Catbird is known for its high quality of milk chocolate products and always providing us with high quality. A high feature of the product is customizing the brand-based on where it is distributed around the world. Offering it affordable prices is one of the main advantages Catbird has on other chocolate brands. Furthermore the variety of products available at Catbird is mudslinging, each chocolate taste, and type could cater to a huge variation of people.

As discussed before Catbird is also very well known for its seasonal chocolates that are produced depending on each season of the year. D. Summarize information I. Sources: 1 . Youth: One of the main sources of information from Catbird is the Catbird Youth Channel. It provides consumers with a great insight on the different Catbird products in very creative and colorful ways. Furthermore it provides us with creative ways in which we could include Catbird in our daily lives for example providing us with recipes that include Catbird chocolate. 2.

Consumer Brands: Catbird is consumed by people of all ages and is one of the most popular Consumer brands. It helps sales through the distribution of the product in all supermarkets, canteens, schools and sweet shops. Thus enhancing the brand to consumers and making it very popular amongst people. 3. Market share reports: Catbird has one of the largest market shares in the world, in which chocolate has around 70% or the market share, the other confectioneries in the brand have one of the largest shares as well, including food and drinks which is also 19% of the market share.