Bulkhead melting certain minerals together at very high

Bulkhead light: John NewbertIntroductionCristal are replacing existing IP44emergency lamp, they are going to change to high powdered LED lights, this isbecause they’re very reliable and is also cost efficient. This study willexamine the criteria needed for a safe emergency light. Tounderstand the existing lamb better a disassembly was carried out (see chapter3) and the components were analysed. Glass: The reasonwe use glass for a bulkhead light is because using glass helps the design bybeing hard, durable and strong. A reason for this is being toughened, it is a waterproof, dust proof appliance. Glass is made my melting certain mineralstogether at very high temperatures, it is made into different moulds and shapesby using big compression moulds-kits.

Glass production: The meltingand refining: Fine grained ingredients closely controlled for quality, aremixed to make a batch, which flows into the furnace, which is heated up to 1500degrees Celsius. The raw materials that go into the manufacturing of clearfloat glass are: Si02-silica sand. A positive statement for glass beingrecycled is it is taken to a glass treatment plant and is changed to differentcolours, sizes and is then washed to remove any impurities and the glassis then crushed and melted, then moulded to a form into new products such asbottles and jars and can be recycled again and again. Metal: The outershell is firstly press formed, this is because it is the easiest process thingto do for the outer shell and then the trimmed glass would be able to fitstraight in. The metal they use for bulkhead light is mild steel, this isbecause it is malleable. Another reason it is used because it is a cheapmaterial and is light for bulkhead lights which is commonly used in theindustry. Steel is the most common metal which is used for the bulkhead lightthis is because it is cost efficient, when using the steel it goes throughdifferent stages for example being powder coated to make the product moredurable against weather.     Rubber:  The reason that theyuse rubber in the bulkhead light is because it protects water leaking into thelight is also dust proof to ensure nothing faulty happens to the light and itsfully working at IP44 – this is the number that tells me how dust and waterproof it is.

*Table here. It… Is anelastomer that is an elastic polymer, which is composes of silicone whichcontains different materials e. g.

carbon hydrogen, oxygen silicone, is the process of recyclingwaste tires that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wearor irreparable damage rubbers which are widely used in the industry workand have multiple uses, for rubber seal is a thermoset elastomer and itprotects glass in steel however for Rubber Seal they are Non-Recyclable. Is a process that absorbs the heat when it is turned up when is all times and also ensuring it issoft flexible the gaps.. Is an elastomer that is a elastic polymer, which iscomposes of silicone which contains different materials eg carbon hydrogen, oxygen silicone, is the process of recycling waste tires that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wearor irreparable damage rubbers which are widely used in the industry workand have multiple uses, for rubber seal is a thermoset elastomer and itprotects glass in steel however for Rubber Seal they are Non-Recyclable. Is a process that absorbs the heat when it is turned up when isCeramic: Is a process that absorbs the heatwhen it is turned up when is using energy, the actual definition of a ceramicis non-metallic, solid material and comprising material.

Ceramic manufacturingare often used by taking different mixtures of clay, elements, powders andwater which is able to help it to shape into a designed form, ceramics can berecycled by large amounts of waste is diverted fromlandfill as well as helping reduce the demand for natural resource. …

When recycled ceramics can be madeinto useful products such as drainage materials, rock base for driveways andpaths or as composite material for aggregates. Outer ring metal manufacture: Is made out of zinc alloy diecast, die cast is a metal casting process that is used by forcing molten metalunder a high pressure or temperature into a mould cavity, which is smoothed ortextured shape surface metal parts.      How the light is made – Life CycleProduction methodThe way theouter shell is produced for the bulkhead light for the start would be pressformed because it is cost efficient even though you only need 1 person to amachine at once, when it isn’t needed the parts which aren’t necessary for usecan be recycled to make anything such as car parts-bike parts uses for stairwellsetc.

The rubber seal was made by a rubber tree  because it is the easiest process rubber to be made. The ring would beextracted and made for the right size to be fitted onto the bulkhead light. FLOWCHART ofMATERIALS being made and then coming to gather in an assembly  Legislation and standards foremergency lighting: A new legislation where it calls for a minimumof 1 lux anywhere of the centre line of the escape road for national risks, They have certain dimensions to be As accurate as possible and if they don’tmeet to those standards the unfortunately they’re not able to be used or fittedbecause of not precise dimensions. The BsEn1838 was published back on the 31stAugust 2013. CE: EuropeanCommission is an institute of theEuropean Union, responsible for proposing legislation, it is very commonlyknown on a variety of different products e. g.

clothes, water bottles e. g. Product Safety: Making sure that all the bulbs are fullyworking and has no faults with them and to make sure there fire safety anddon’t cause a firm due to the bulbs or any faults with them, for the productsafety it has to look functional. BSEN 1838: BS En 1838is a European standard that specifies the luminous requirements for emergencyescape lighting and standby lighting systems in installed premises/locations workforces and industrial sites.

Iso: The International Organization forStandardization is an international standard-setting body composed ofrepresentatives from various national standards organizations. IP65: is Protected from total dust ingress Protectedfrom low pressure water jets from any direction, limitedingress protection.  Manufacturingnuts and boltsThefollowing diagram shows the process for production of screws/bolts. On the one hand thereis forming without cutting and on the other, machining. With forming withoutcutting there is a further differentiation between cold and hot forming. Cold forming(cold extrusion)In the modern fasten technologyof fastened are made using the cold forming procedure, the fastener is firstlyformed which then is usually multistage process and pressed forging, The termsolid or cold forming was coined for this type of production, The choice of the suitable forming machine depends on thesize of the fastener and on the degree of forming. The greater the degree offorming, the more forming stages are required.

Sharp-edged transitions or thinprofiles are unfavourable for cold forming and lead to increased tool wear. Nuts: Nuts are often produced with the cold  or hot forming technique aswell as bolts, thechoice of one or the other processes depends on the other hand on the size andon the other on the required quantities. Research on 4 lamps: Luceco mosi led 3-hour emergency lighting bulkheadwhite 14wIs a high powered bulkheadlight which is energy efficient and is often  used for an outdoor purpose, It is also madeout of polycarbonate which is a thermoplastic containing carbonate groups intheir chemical structures. This emergency lighting bulkhead which is also a ip65the definition for this is that ir protects from total dust ingress and is alsoprotected from low pressure water jets and from any directions and has limitedingress protections.                   Research3-4 lamps                             Disassembly