Buenavista, guimaras investment paper essay sample

The Municipality of Buenavista is located at the northern tip of Guimaras Island. The northern and northwestern part of the town overlooks Panay Island and the North-eastern portion faces Negros.

Dry Season- November – February
Wet Season- May – October
Ave. No. of Rainy Days/Month -16
Ave. Monthly Rainfall -60 mm
Ave. Monthly Temperature -27. 3°C
Ave. Max Monthly Temperature -29. 9°C


The Municipality of Buenavista started as early as 1581 with Gonzalo de Peñalosa. He was struck by the fine forest timber, limestone deposits, excellent hunting and fishing grounds of the island. To guard against Moro invaders, the Spaniards built a wooden port in 1602.

Buenavista became part of the “ visita” of Oton and, in 1591 was annexed to the Parish of Iloilo under the Augustinians. In 1847, it became an independent parish. The Navalas Church which is the oldest in Guimaras is as old as the Jaro Cathedral. It is a reminder of the strong influence that Spain swayed over the political and cultural life of Buenavista.

The American regime marked the period of economic prosperity. It was in the early 1900 to 1908 when the Sto. Rosario Wharf was developed and Camp Jossman established at Barangay Supang. Fresh from West Point, then 1st Lt Douglas MacArthur led the group of U. S. Army Corps of Engineers initiated and developed the 7- kilometer road linking the Sto. Rosario wharf and the Camp Jossman at Brgy. Supang.

Political System

The political system is composed of the executive department headed by the municipal mayor and the legislative body headed by the vice mayor together with 8 Sangguniang Bayan members and 2 ex-officio members from the Liga ng Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan.


The 2007 Census Report for the Municipality of Buenavista registered a total population of 43, 817 with an average annual growth rate of 2. 20 percent with 8, 373 households. Those belonging to the working age group (15-64 years) comprise more than one half (60%) of the total population. The age group with the most number of populations is those who age 10-14 years old.

• 36 Barangays
• 19 Inland Agricultural Barangays
• 17 Coastal Barangays
• It has 105 hectares for Commercial Development (CLUP 2005 to 2035) • Labor skills present among the populace include carpentry, masonry, welding, painting, heavy equipment operation, driving, tailoring and etc.

The Economy


The Municipality of Buenavista is characteristically considered an agricultural town with 19 of the 36 barangays devoted to farming. The area of land devoted to crop production is 3, 928. 47 hectares, which represents 30. 63% of the total municipal land area of 12, 826 has. The agricultural production of the municipality depends largely on food and high value commercial crops. The total area for seasonal crop is 2, 487. 32 has. and the area for permanent crops total to 1, 441. 15 has. Major crops grown include coconut, mango, citrus, banana and coffee.

Major Crops: Est’d Prodt’n

1. Rice – 2, 041. 44 has – Php 70. 05 M
2. Corn – 244. 28 has. – 2. 27 M
3. Root Crops – 125. 50 has. 11. 29 M
4. Vegetables – 76. 10 has. 5. 74 M
5. Legumes – 18. 70 has. No Data
6. Coconut – 455. 40 has. 59. 20 M
7. Mango – 319. 00 has. 63. 80 M
8. Citrus – 415. 00 has. 16. 60 M
9. Banana – 216. 50 has. 1. 40 M
10. Coffee & others – 35. 25 has. No data
Land area for crops 3, 928. 47 has.- 230. 35 M

Livestock and Fisheries
The Municipality of Buenavista is also identified as a key livestock development area with a record of 10, 026 heads of duck, 36, 128 heads of chicken and 1, 632 heads of cattle in 2011. Fishpond area is 395. 75 ha. with an average production of 1. 0 mt/ha per year. Based on the Fishery and Aquatic Resources Management Council (FARMC), the total number of fishermen in the coastal community is 750. The coastal fishermen has a daily average fish catch of 3 kg/day on a 22-day monthly fishing cycle.

Livestock & Fishery Products:
Fishpond 395. 75 has. 30. 00 M
750 Fishermen (Assorted fish) 10. 00 M
Poultry/Cattle/Livestocks 20. 00 M


One of the major industries in municipality is the processing of lime with seven (7) companies operating in the area. In addition, there are bakeshops and confectionaries, rice mills, handicraft cottage industries and spring/bottled water processors in the locality.

Major products:
Lime Industry & Quarrying 70. 0 M
Mineral Drinking Water 5. 0 M
Food Processing 4. 0 M
Handicrafts & Others 3. 0 M

Majority or 98. 69% of the total household population in Buenavista speak Hiligaynon. Only 1. 31% have a different mother tongue including Cebuano, Tagalog, Cotabateno, Aklanon, Bikolano, Ilocano, Waray and other local dialects. Most can communicate in English.


Tourism sites in Buenavista are endowed with natural or man-made physical attributes that are conducive to recreation, leisure and other wholesome experiences (e. g. educational) and are intended for use of travelers and tourists. It has 527 hectares intended for various tourism development projects.

The Municipality of Buenavista is rich in history and its cultural heritage and possess several natural attractions that must to be preserved and protected.

Some of the attractions are the following:

1. McArthur’s Wharf – also known as Buenavista Wharf in Sto. Rosario was built by the Army Corps of Engineers under then 1st Lt. Douglas McArthur In 1903 to 1904.

2. Mini Park and Heroes Memorial Park – one of the newest landmarks in Buenavista today is a memorial to the famous men who have fought and died for Buenavista during the Japanese occupation

3. The Enchanted Rock (Roca Encantada) in Barangay San Miguel is the summer house of the Lopez family built in 1910 on top of a huge rock overlooking the legendary Seven Isles seen by all sea commuters passing between Iloilo and Negros islands.

4. Neptune Pittman’s Garden located at Barangay Tastasan features a garden of exotic plants and herbs.

5. Navalas Church – the oldest catholic church in Guimaras which was established in the 18th century.

6. Mangtangingi Beach – located at Barangay East Valencia is the beach capital of the Municipality of Buenavista.

7. Nature Caves – Daliran Cave

8. Eco-Park at Brgy. Dagsaan

Cultural and Social Life

The Foundation and “ Palayag” Festival are celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January.

Utilities and Services


Buenavista is accessible by a 15 to 20 minute ride by motorboats and other small sea craft from Iloilo City. The main gateway of the municipality is the Mc Arthur’s Wharf in Brgy. Sto. Rosario.

Public transportation within the municipality varies from public utility vehicles such as PUJ’s, Tourist Bus, and Car/FX & L 300 Vans. Private vehicles vary from truck & light trucks, owner/pick up and jeeps. Motorcycles and tricycles are plying the entire municipality serving the populace reaching up to far flung barangays.


Globelines is the only landline telephone company serving the five (5) barangays of Sto. Rosario, Salvacion, New Poblacion, Mclain, and Supang. The eleven (11) barangays of Rizal, Old Poblacion, Agsanayan San Isidro, Piña, Tastasan, San Roque, San Fernando, Banban Magsaysay, Zaldivar are served by the wireless local loop service which includes connection to Broadband and Internet facilities.

Three (3) cell sites operated by GLOBE, SMART and SUN Cellular Phone Companies operate in the municipality serving most of the households

National magazines and periodicals are available on pre-arranged delivery schedules while local news prints are easily available at selected commercial establishments. Most households have their own radio and televisions sets.


The electric supply of Buenavista is being provided on a 24-hour basis by the Guimaras Electric Cooperative (GUIMELCO). At present the rate is Php 12 to 13 per kilowatt/hour

The Buenavista Water District operates and maintains a level III Water Supply System for 9 barangays of this municipality. At present, the BWD fully serves six (6) barangays namely: New Poblacion, Mclain, Salvacion, Sto. Rosario, Rizal, and San Isidro while Tastasan, Supang & Sitio Bangkiling, Magsaysay are partially served barangays. At present the going rate is Php 205. 00 per 10 cu. mtr. for residential and Php 410. 00 for commercial use.

Medical Facilities

The Guimaras Provincial Hospital-Buenavista Extension provides medical services to the local residents. There is 1 rural health clinic and 20 barangay health stations headed by midwives servicing or providing consultation for minor cases. Private medical clinics are also available in the locality.

Peace and Order

The municipality of Buenavista is a peaceful municipality with 34 policemen. Police assistance is available at the Guest Assistance Center at McArthur’s Wharf and Buenavista Police Station. Police presence is also visible at the barangay especially during special occasions like fiestas. Barangay Tanods are helping maintain the peace and order situation especially in far-flung barangays

Business Permits

Business Permit Flow Chart:

Requirement for New Business:
1. Filled up Application form for New Business
2. Barangay Clearance with CTC
3. Police Clearance
4. Zoning/Locational Clearance
5. Sanitary Clearance
6. Health Certificate of workers (Food related services/business)
7. Bureau of Fire Clearance
8. Environmental Clearance (ESWM)

Requirements of Building Permit:
1. Five (5) sets of Building Plan Duly signed by Licensed Engineer
2. Proof of Ownership of Lot (Tax Declaration/Land Title)
3. Zoning Clearance
4. Bureau of Fire Clearance
5. Environmental Compliance Certificate (for Big Projects)
6. P 5, 000 minimum fees

Business hours

Government Offices:
8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

9am to 4pm Monday to Saturday

9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday

Taxes and Incentive for investors:

Fiscal Incentives:

• Full exemption from all municipal government taxes, permits, fees and other charges imposed under existing Municipal Ordinances for a period of three (3) years.

• Full exemption from the real property tax payable to the municipal as imposed by the existing laws for a period of three (3) years.

• A registered enterprise qualified under this Code shall within three (3) years from start of its commercial operation, be exempt from the aforesaid municipal impositions under the conditions and manner herein prescribed:

For qualified enterprises:
100% – 1st year
75% – 2nd year
50% – 3rd year
0% – 4th year

Non Fiscal Incentives:

• Provision of a one-stop documentation center for simplified documentation procedures

• Assistance in securing direct source of electric power and water supply connection.

• Assistance in the negotiation of special rates for industries with a minimum load of at least 1000 kilowatts

• Assistance in site selection, negotiation for right of way and construction of access road

• Assistance in labor recruitment and arbitration

• Other non-fiscal incentives as may be determined by the Board

Statutory holidays

New Year’s Day (January 1)
Municipal Foundation Day (3rd Sunday of January)
Araw ng Kagitingan (April 9)
Holy Thursday
Good Friday
Labor Day (May 1)
Guimaras Foundation Day (May 22)
Independence Day (June 12)
National Heroes Day (August 26)
All Saint Day (November 1)
Bonifacio Day (November 30)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Rizal Day (December 30)

Financial Services

Banko Buenavista Inc.
Lhuillier Jewel Financial (Pawnshop)
Yucon Pawnshop Inc.
Palawan Pawnshop
Life Bank Foundation, Inc. (Micro finance)
Card Bank Inc. (Micro finance)
M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc.
Trystine Pawnshop Corp. / Western Union
Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop
Buenavista Developlopment Cooperative