Bilbo baggins character through the plot thesis samples


The Hobbit is a collection of three movies that has to be watched in a series mode to get a full understanding of the movie. The movies are not stand-alone entities and in fact, their understanding is based on the plot of three series. The movie provides a basis over which a lot of issues a can be painted. There are diverse issues that can be drawn from the movement, and this is very much indicative of what has to be expected as the story goes along. From the plot, to the characters and the general direction of the movies both in the series, there is a wide coverage of issues that revolve around many issues. The basis of every agenda in the movie corresponds to the activities or every action in the movie. A lot can be extracted from the movies both in three part series. The characters in the movie are also very unique in their nature. Their wellbeing is pegged on the stages of life they have to go through (Tolkien, 78).
The movie in its totality provides a general basis over which the characters are understood. Their characters are changed based on the different stages that they have to be engaged in. This is very unique because every situation provides a fair share of challenges that have to influence the characters of the actors involved in a very significant way. The events that can easily be said to be the plot in the movie, changes the situations and lives of the characters involved. This not only influences the characters, but shapes the direction of every event in the movie. This is very unique about the movie (The Hobbit, 2012).
Jackson’s plot in his adaptation the Hobbit in both the movies, changes Bilbo Baggins’ character to a large extent. The plot as drafted, changes the life of the man to some significant levels. He begins to go through different stages of life in a very unprecedented manner. The plot of the movie in either of the series, brings to life the understanding of every character based only on the fact that the events of life in the movie change their perception and outright understanding of how things work. The plot of the movie as established by Jackson, gives the characters their own fit as each is fixed in their own place. The understanding of everyone’s character in the movie can be understood against the different scenarios that change their lives immensely. Of interest, however, is the way the plot in Jackson’s adaptation, the Hobbit: the unexpected journey changes or influences the character of Bilbo Baggins (Jackson, 2012). The plot in the movie as established, brings an all new understanding of how the character of Bilbao changes to a larger extent. When we talk about the plot, it means they are the individual stages of the movie from one stage to another following a particular sequence. Based on individual events, the character of the individual actor is changed based on the roles and practices he has to attend to. It is on this basis that the character of Bilbo is to be examined against the plot of the movie. The extent to which the plot is a direct influence to the actor’s character is therefore to be examined and give an in-depth analysis.
Balbins enjoys a relatively peaceful life as a herder. This shows that he has not been influenced in any way, as he has no many conflicts in his life. He enjoys the relative calm in his life and this is testimony that he has no issues surrounding his life. It can also be said that he is not surrounded by controversies of any kind. The character is therefore of good quality. In this stage of the story, Jackson tries to portray Balbins as one who has, but a normal life that is not crowded issues that would require some serious scrutiny. The next event shapes the movie in a different style. The life of Balbins is interrupted by the introduction of Gandalf (Jackson, 2012). The visit of Gandalf is an event that catches Balbins off guard, as he has no clue what is to happen next. Gandalf is a wizard and the revelation of his being to some extent is expected to tilt the perception of Balbins. Even before Balbins can get to know who this wizard really is, he takes a step and invites the friends over. The dwarves led by Thorin together by the wizard convince Bilbo Baggins on the need to capture a mountain that is guarded by some dragon (Tolkien, 15).
The character of Balbin begins to take a new turn. He is given the role of being a bugler. This total changes the character and behavior of Bilbo Baggins as has to just another life that is previously not known to him. The prospect of being a bugler changes his look in the movie and makes him look like the bad boy of the movie. The unexpected journey gives him a new role and a new look. Jackson brings in a clever mix of peace and conflict in this aspect of the movie (Jackson, 2012). There is individual conflict with respect to the character of Balbin who has all through had a peaceful pastoral life. As the plot of the movie advances, Jackson continues to dig and turn the character of Balbin around to a large extent through the immediate future events. As a burglar, Balbin becomes the face of help as he plays a major role in replenishing the food supply of his company when they find some toll by the road. Consequently, the road to the mountain becomes even more fearful and stressful. It is important to not that Balbin is not all right at some point where strange things begin to happen.
Balbin is depressed and does not like whatever thing is happening. He is also very afraid, especially when they have to spend a night in a cave. When some disturbing creatures appear, he screams, thus saving the day for his friends. The character of Balbins is also portrayed as one full of courage. Despite the fact that he knows of the challenges that are ahead of him and the company, he takes his chances into risky affairs and saves the day for his friends (Tolkien, 20). The unfortunate event of being hit by a stone almost takes the life of Balbins though he gains consciousness after some time. When he finally makes his way back home, Balbins finds that he is thought to have died with his property being shared out. His reputation, character is tainted and this makes him start to work back on his character again.


Jackson works the plot is such a manner that is unique and interesting. The character of Balbins falls into place automatically as the movie gets along (Jackson, 2012). One does not have to find the meaning behind an individual’s character as the plot makes it possible. Consequently, the fact that Balbin works with people who are thought not to be very upright morally like he is beginning to manifest when he is given a role that changes his character for the better part of the movie.

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