Believing ghost

Believing Ghost A great controversy exits all over the world if ghosts really exist or it is mere speculations. It isimportant to take note that people have different traditions and cultural lifestyles and therefore, what appears to be reality in one area may not evoke any interest in people in other regions (Matas and Nodelman 54). In most cases, people tend to adopt the traditional beliefs that already exist in the society. To be certain that strange things such as ghosts exist, a person must have an encounter with a ghost or must encounter ghostly acts that evoke so much surprise and wonder. To be certain that an act is ghostly, it must be beyond human comprehension and there is nothing anyone can do about the act. Ghostly acts also evoke so much fright from people and if asked, many people would prefer to stay away from these acts as much as possible. My tour to Gul-Jil, Hong-chun in Korea really changed my view about ghosts and how they manifest themselves in the society because I learnt that ghosts truly exist.
It was 2009 beginning of summer when I was in army at Gul-jil, Hong-chun in Korea. The place is near the 38th parallel. In Korea, mountains usually have rough and irregular sides, especially Gul-jil that has a very rough stream. Furthermore, beginning of summer was the rainy season so that the stream was moving at breakneck speed. According to rumors, there was a strange accident that drowning accident occurred annually. Headquarters Company (HQ) and Combat Support Company (CSC) had a camping trip to receive guerrilla training. We arrived at camping place around five in the afternoon. Before we set to take a rest, commander of HQ, my officer, made a proposal to a quartermaster of CSC to race across the stream by combat swimming. Combat swimming is solder’s swimming that swimmers wear all cloths except a rifle and military gear. The quartermaster accepted the race. The two officers usually felt confidence on their stamina that they were furious and threatening to each other.
The race was started. The commander of HQ barely finished swimming due to heavy stream. However, the quartermaster stopped swimming with 2 meters to spare. Suddenly, he stood up in the middle of the stream. He bubbled three times, stood nearly one minute, and he fell into water. He never came back. Every people who was watching the race made a gabble. We were very frightened. The command ordered “ Stop deliver all the training, called 911, called underwater demolition team (UDT) to find the quartermaster’s body!” Every people at the accident thought that his body was carried away by flood because the stream was very heavy. We tried to find him downside of the stream, but we could not find him. After a day, 911 and UDT stopped chasing his body and they were left that they concluded an ill-defined drown accident.
After three days of the accident, HQ members, include me, were still trying to find him by riding a boat with long sticks. One member suddenly yelled out, “ I got him!” Finally, we could find him. His body was not carried away by the flood. He stood under the stream at the same point he was drowned. We saw his body that his left feet was tied up by a rock stave. He was still standing in water. Surprisingly, we could not get him up to shore. We felt his body was like a clingingly stick. In the next day, his wife came to the accident spot. She said “ I pray for your happiness. Please wait for me in the sky.” Abruptly, his body came up to surface of the stream, and we could get his body. One more surprised I saw was that his foot was cut when we lifted it. His foot was turning round and round the accident point for a day. His wife prayed for her husband’s soul until his leg drifted down the river.
This accident made a deep impression to me because I started to believe that soul existed around us. I still do not have religion but I sometimes think about afterlife.
People should be ready to encounter ghosts or ghostly acts at any time because according to my experience in Korea, I came to learn that it is not mere speculations that ghosts exist but a reality that people should accept as a fact. This experience makes me learn that anything is possible especially when no one has proper explanation or proof about the issue in controversy. I urge all those who doubt the existence of ghosts to visit Korea because if ghosts do not exist in their regions, they will certainly encounter one in this region just like I did.
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