Being a nurse

30 October 2007 Health Professional: On Being a Nurse The enormous development on today’s medical science, with astonishing high increase of population from different developed countries, the demand for skilled health professionals and practitioners also arises dramatically. The most distinguished among these are the increasing need for nurses, which in fact allows skilled immigrants from other nation to live and work in countries like United States of America and United Kingdom.
Upon reflection of this scenario, I am so engrossed in the great opportunities that lie ahead of me. A promising employment and career is the primary reason on why I was so attracted on getting this profession. Aside from that, I find myself to be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit to be on the medical field in the future.
In my observation, majority of the hospital requires more nurses compared to other skilled health professionals. Most of my acquaintance who are working as a nurse got higher pay than those who were into engineering, accountancy and other fields. Many of my friends are now practicing the said profession and it was so heroic for them that in their daily work routine they are able to aid the sick, aged, and needy people.
Nursing is define as “ the application of principles from the basic sciences, social sciences, and humanities to assist healthy and sick individuals and their families or other caring persons performing those activities that contribute to the individuals’ physical and mental well-being” on which it is briefly recognized as “ the application of prescribed therapies and the management of the patient and environment to assist healing” (Answers. com).
In United States of America there are two types of nurses who are officially and legally recognized like: the registered professional nurse and the licensed practical nurse (LPN) or licensed vocational nurse (LVN).
In my opinion, the role of nurses in the health care fields such as: hospitals, Red Cross, private homes, nursing homes, public health and other community facilities, is so vital for they are the front-line people that are responsible for the medication, applying of nursing procedures and other health related activities that help the patients’ recovery and treatment. There are also some patient-care that are done by nurses like: the care of newborn infants, disable and mentally ill patients, maternity patients and some duties in the operating room and even in the emergency room.
Nurses today are the great contributor of health services in our health industry. On being a nurse, it gives me the feeling of fulfillment for I can be physically and financially wealthy. No wonder that most universities and colleges all around the world are offering bachelor and diploma degree for people aspiring to be a nurse.
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