Avoiding disasters in engineering

Success for any company depends on good management. A communication gap between management and the employees is the biggest factor for destroying any project. Harris’ 1995 article reported that the engineers alerted managers one year before the Challenger disaster about problems with the O rings seal. Managers Ignored the engineers’ requests for delays to the launch and the atmosphere between the managers and engineers was tense. Employees felt that they could not express their concerns freely. The behavior of managers demonstrated bad ethics towards their employees.

managers informed NASA about the Space Shuttle design flaws, but NASA managers were pressurized for quick success. NASA was not pleased with ” no launch” decision and pressurized into launching the Shuttle. Did not want to be negative with this customer so also Ignored their engineers’ requests. Neither nor NASA informed the astronauts about the O ring seal problem. If they had informed them before the launch this disaster might not have occurred. Bad ethics are evident here Lot of companies have bad ethics and bad management.

What If managers had worked on their engineers request? Might they have designed a flawless version of the Space Shuttle? There are lots of examples where engineering faults occur – disasters in flam’s having good management and good ethics. For example, the Washington Bridge Disaster (1940), the Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion (1944) and (1973). Engineers related to the Challenger disaster followed IT (2006) points DEL , and . They had done their part of the work and also requested more funding to overcome his problem, but, unfortunately they were abused ethically by their managers.

We cannot blame engineers for this disaster. After studying disasters that have happened In engineering field, engineers and management must be more cautious. Engineers need to follow the IT learning outcomes. IT (2006) points , DC, DOOM and are supposed to be used by engineers. Management need to maintain good behavior with their employees. Thoughts about projects and give them a chance to clear the flaws. Excellent ethics with employees and customers play an important role in preventing disasters in engineering.