Auto repair shop business plan module flashcard


  • Projected hard currency flow

Chapter I: Executive Summary

Fast and Reputable Auto Repair ( FRAR ) will be a start-up endeavor offering a full domestic fix services. FRAR will represent a retail store full loaded with all fix parts, functioning the England market. Within England, the store will be expected to turn into a concern with an tremendous gross revenues volume within a period of 4years.

The Concept

FRAR will be typical in availing convenient fix services guaranteed of quality every bit good as uninterrupted supply to our patronages. This will be our basic move in commanding unneeded deficits. Customers will be served at a broad scope in fix service offers or even related parts where a assortment of the same will availed. FRARE will basically run two sections, under service and besides the trim parts/ or fix division which will work collaboratively in offer all-time spare parts client services. The sections will back up each other in order to keep FRAR competitory border amid with unjust competition within out mark niche. All client demands on fix parts will be decidedly met under our stocked and more convenient retail locations ( Sclar 236 ) . FRAR will hold 3different locations, each stocked with 15bays, to function clients who need immediate repair of their autos. We will avail faster services to avoid maintaining clients waiting, and likewise offer after-sales services to guarantee client satisfaction. Our focal point will be customer-oriented in order to perchance procure new patronages plus retain our loyal 1s. We will develop all our staff to guarantee quality services every bit good as customized excellence services tour diverse clients. Through this, strong bonds between our clients and our staff will be developed, thereby procuring clients ‘ trust and honestness.

Positioning Statement

FRAR have expressed purpose in going a celebrated local leader in offering high-standard services every bit good as quality automotive fix within England under low cost program. After making a repute for excellence service experience and quality merchandises, FRAR will re-evaluate the concern scheme or even positioning within our niche in order to verify whether a distinction scheme will be more feasible. If the scheme proves feasible, FRAR may choose to raise monetary values therefore increasing net incomes borders as compared to other participants ( Abrams 227 ) .

Chapter II: Mission

Fast and Reputable Auto Repair is premised on being all-time quality supplier of car fix services, with a full battalion of all the car parts. FRAR will be tailored towards personalized services to our clients by ever availing fast and standardised services. Similarly, we focus at guaranting maintain extremely computerized system on fix parts stock list, to efficaciously aline them with the stock. At the same clip, we will maximise turnover stock list on fix parts via care of a balanced stock list degree. We will besides guarantee FRAR has an advanced and a dependable provider fond regard that are most dependable and can possibly set about timely bringing.

Keies to Success

FRAR keys to accomplishment will imply criterion and dependable car fix services, developing and keeping a strong web or bond with auto-repair constituents providers. In add-on, FRAR will extensively guarantee handiness of car parts with limitless supply and no deficit as an effort to guarantee fast orders and bringing of cardinal car constituents.

Important Premises

We at FRAR have based our cardinal premises on the undermentioned thoughts. First, no auto-repair services or even trim constituents will be chiefly offered on recognition. Offering car fix services decelerate projected growing in sales-volume ( Sclar 324 ) . Second, FRAR is presuming a continued every bit good a turning demand for car fix services among England clients. Even though there may be some fluctuations depending on our concern seasonality, FRAR is assuming some first-class public presentation during high-season. Finally, FRAR assumes assuring every bit good as continued fiscal base. We assume clear handiness to needed capital inline with our fiscal programs. Such a cardinal premise will drive the venture ‘ s growing as equal capital is indispensable when originating any concern development.

Chapter Three: Company Summary

Fast and Reputable Auto Repair will be a new concern endeavor with four direction squad members, inclusive of one overall director, a gross revenues executive, a finance decision maker and one member to the partnership. FRAR will avail criterion and dependable car services and assorted car parts aiming both the upper every bit good as in-between category market, as calculated move in run intoing all client demands ‘ class. FRAR will be in private owned by four spouses and the startup capital will be from member /partners parts.

Company ownership

Incorporation of FRAR will be at England, in private owned by four spouses, operated and directed by hired direction squad. The concern is anticipated to run under going-concern footing in a command to maximise gross revenues volumes and net incomes.

Start-up sum-up

Contributions will be made on an equal footing. Any more capital demand will be financed from a bank loan, secured by member belongingss. Such a move will be approved by our direction squad. We aim at kicking-off our operations after geting a solid four-month ‘ s stock list to back up our command in pulling loyal patronages. Main costs will be incurred when geting assets such as telephone systems, furniture and equipments, pick-up truck and critical warehouse equipments.

FRAR Locations and Facilities

Our Location

FRAR will be based at London metropolis centre zone. Such a location will help us in accessing speedy motor services orders every bit good as good visibleness on assorted convenient towing trucks. Similarly, assorted clients will be able to entree our installation in publishing orders or possibly puting assorted petitions on car parts that perchance necessitate to be supplied prior to their servicing twenty-four hours. In add-on, this location will be advantageous to us since FRAR selling squad will be able to conformably elevate hoardings along cardinal streets in the metropolis as an effort to publicize FRAR quality services among the bing every bit good as possible patronages.

FRAR direction has considered such a location in order to pull concern spouses or organisations ‘ market types in instance they request for our fix services on regular footing. For illustration, in the recent yesteryear there has been assorted motor-racing games organized and conducted within the metropolis locality, and such an event could gain FRAR an chance to interact with group clients from the patrons. By centrally turn uping FRAR services and car constituents fix store, cardinal clients will be able to bask our high criterion services on 24/7 footing. Strategic location is important for clients appeal ( Sclar 96 ) . This has been the end of our venture as an effort to procure greater portion within the first few old ages of operation. The identified location zones will perchance installation other important logistics such as constituents supplies and Looming activities. FRAR will besides bask quicker fiscal minutess that may affect borrowing from fiscal establishments that are possibly located near our vicinity or even during money theodolite processs.

FRAR Facilities

We project to get our concern premises on rent agreement prior top sing feasible rental project or even purchase of our ain edifice. This may go on in our 3rd financial period in operation. Essentially FRAR will run under 3, 200 sq. foot store, in expectancy for an enlargement to about 10, 200 sq. foot in twelvemonth three. By sing that we may portion our concern installation with other venture, related or even diverse from our projects, FRAR have considered such a move an advantage since our concern neighbours may move as our first client marks. Similarly, we may utilize them to convey our thought offer to assorted clients who may be sing either our [ premises straight or even through induced attack by our concern neighbours. The move will besides ease our ability to run into, retain or even procure possible client who may necessitate car fix services.

Our installation will be sub-divided under three subdivisions in order to ease quicker service proviso. First, FRAR will run a well stocked Showroom, to perchance showcase our fix constituents to assorted clients. The salesroom will turn out utile during open-day or even during the normal concern operations where assorted clients can familiarise with our car constituents. Besides, different clients may utilize this chance to allow us cognize precisely what to stock in order to place with the of all time changing car fix needs with in England. For illustration, the salesroom may assist the selling division to clearly understand assorted fix parts considerations placed on SUVs ( i. e. Sport Utility Vehicle ) , autos or even other type of rushing autos. Second, FRAR will hold the pleasance to run and likely pull off reliable office infinite under the same installation.

The office will seek to pull off and suitably react to our diverse clients ‘ petitions. Our staff will busy typical infinites under designed unfastened office agreement. Within in our offices, assorted clients may show their sentiments on issues impacting our concern public presentation degrees or predominating market tendencies for necessary considerations. Finally, FRAR will use the premises back-space as an extension to our planned Warehouse. All activities affecting fix constituents transits or even looming may happen this installation vital in easing the logistics processs. Similarly, our warehouse may be used as an extension to our small-car garage in state of affairss where the service delays owing to high figure of patronages.

Chapter IV: Merchandises and services

FRAR will be competent in its supply of all car fix stuffs for all vehicles ; makes and theoretical accounts. Strategic focal point in availing 15bays for each location and competent staff availing criterion and quality services will ensue into expected clients ‘ limitless flow. FRAR will be focused at truth and honestness to its clients while gauging costs and seasonably repair completion. Assurance with our awaited clients will be won when FRAR ‘ s staff delivers their promises, thereby developing strong bonds with our clients taking to a strong client base constitution. Technological promotion will be applied to ease dependable record maintaining on available car parts taking at debaring any possible limited orders on the same ( Abrams 123 ) . Inventory turnover will be maximized and strong relationship with the providers established to avoid car constituents ‘ deficit and of all time guarantee timely bringing.

FRAR will besides see holding a assortment of fix constituents placed under choice parlour. This move will assist our client to bask customized services when choosing or even sing the constituents assortment from our rich aggregation. In event of any job demanding our gracious attending, FRAR selling squad or even the mechanics will ever be at that place to advice and give wise advocate to our clients. This will be a encouragement to our purposes in run intoing particular demands ( Sclar 83 ) . FRAR is focused at holding speedy entree to about all vehicle parts under two cardinal divisions. In division one, FRAR will provide and offer “ plain Label” generic constituents to provide for in-between category demands. Our “ plain label” will be wider in coverage in order to suit all car users, and possibly excel their outlooks during normal service. This private labeling will help FRAR in functioning wider niche, beef uping on client entreaty and addition in our jutting net income border ( refer to Appendices B: Excel Attachment ) .

Our 2nd division will provide for the “ normal label” constituents from assorted car makers. As such, assorted makers will be considered by the direction in going our close-suppliers depending on their constituents rpo0visdions. FRAR will merely see merchandise commissariats that match with our clients demands and gives them a opportunity to bask first-class services from FRAR ‘ s desk. FRAR will efficaciously utilize its merchandise mix in run intoing different demands presented by the clients under two degrees. First, FRAR will offer apparent fix services every bit good as spare parts demands to all consumers. This will be under the above two labels ; either “ normal label” or even “ plain label” generic. Second, FRAR may so offer premium services degrees where assorted clients who may see leave-taking services. Here FRAR as the detention, charges premium monetary value on the overall services offered.

Chapter V: Market Analysis Summary

FRAR will concentrate on run intoing local services demands every bit good as go toing autos that will be towed in from locals and or traffic expresswaies. We will set up contacts with the cardinal local towing truck companies. Such companies will be indispensable in easing services of towing stalled autos to our car fix store. We anticipate our grosss from the local client base to be approximately 75 % while 25 % will be from freeway tow-ins plus our valuable local clients.

Market Cleavage

FRAR will be aiming both upper every bit good as in-between income markets, where standardized and/ or high quality faster expedient services are demanded. Clients within that cleavage are usually ready to portion with extra premiums merely to get otiose services. Such client group, tries difficult to allege the possibly of holding their autos tied up within fix stores.

Local occupants: FRAR regular client base

To procure concern stableness, we will necessitate a healthy, regular gross base which will be facilitated by the big client base that we will set up among our vicinity.

Emergency Towing Section

We expect 25 % of the gross inflow to be from freeway traffic and local under our exigency towing division. We will therefore prosecute any feasible towing truck companies to ease the towing-in of assorted vehicles. This will vouch our dedication in offering criterion and speedy services are availed, thereby capturing better market section.

Target Market Segment Strategy

FRAR will concentrate in our targeted market among high and in-between category niche. This will assist us to procure sound or reputable image from the perceptual experience of our targeted market. To accomplish this, we will avail convenient fix services, guarantee the service is first-class and in positive coaction with assorted towing companies within the vicinity.

Market Needs

FRAR will guarantee convenience is adhered to since it ‘ s the extreme demand of both the travellers and the upper plus in-between category clients. A important demand of fix car parts or even related services is on high demand among the transposing traffic or the touristry traffic patronages within the local-England main roads hence the demand for expediency services ( Sclar 216 ) .

Service Business Analysis

Auto fix services are known to be fragmented, whereby most car concerns offer either parts stock list or even mend services entirely. FRAR will therefore imply a centre offering both services hand-in-hand, therefore easing convenience within a individual vicinity. FRAR will profit from the fact that upper and lower consumers care much about convenience and criterion services, instead than on monetary values.

Competition and/ or Buying Patterns

Within England, there are several car fixs every bit good as car constituents parts mercantile establishments or convenient shops. Analysis shows that some offer merely related car services, while others meets different consumers ‘ car parts demands. Merely few ventures offer both services, hence FRAR will concentrate on convenience and criterion services offer in order to antagonize the sensed competition. We will concentrate on unity, honestness and dependability to procure dependable clients repute. This will thereby ease development of big client base from the loyal consumers. In England, rivals are prosecuting chiefly on automotive parts gross revenues, accoutrements, batteries, ignition parts, engine parts and assorted engines, nomadic electronics, auto accoutrements, manus tools such as twists, knuckleboness, and lift equipment, oil and air lifter, chemicals, plus automotive service and or even care or parts installing ( Sclar 423 ) . Automotive merchandises will include exhaust systems, wiper blades, suspension parts, and brake parts among others. Guaranting that we face these rivals successfully, we will necessitate to avail all those merchandises already available within the market every bit good those which are underprovided. Such an action will take to reliability on our alone services and merchandises for all our clients. We will besides guarantee our services are standard, guaranting our clients are ne’er frustrated or disappointed.

Market Tendencies

Automobile fix demands have reported enormous alteration every bit good as explosive growing in the raps few decennaries. Automobile fix experts have attributed this sensed growing sustainability environmental issues that have seen the car makers consider safe vehicles over the old theoretical accounts ( Abrams 189 ) . Similarly, the promotion associated automobile fix stores have boosted the tendency a great trade. By concentrating on marketed orientated scheme, FRAR will hold a niche to make full as the demand for safer cars additions a encouragement from cardinal makers.

Besides witnessed has been the issue of of all time increasing SUVs that has necessitated the demand to strategically turn up modern auto-repair stores perchance near the rushing streets or Fieldss. Among the local public, cars have been considered as a modest conveyance manner, therefore the turning demand to assorted auto-repair every bit good as services stores in cardinal countries in England. Finally, with the sensed alteration in coevalss, parents ( considered as Baby Boomers ) have delegated some duty to their kids giving such childs the chance to have or even engage car services. As a consequence, kids have been streaming in different fix stores to either bargain constituents for their wrecked autos or larn more approximately best auto parts.

Industry Participants

FRAR is embarking in an industry characterized by assorted concerns that differ in service proviso every bit good as in viing schemes. Speed Shops are good known local industry participants ‘ supplying fix services among the local patronages at a minimal value. These concerns operate under this industry, and therefore they pose greater menace to forte operators like FRAR, since they may kick-off upon minimal stock list demands. Even though they tend to be short on marketing accomplishments and concern units, Speedy Shops may endanger FRAR ability to procure local-niche. Second, Chassis and Engine Builders are chief participants in this concern every bit good. These well-respected organisations are accorded the duty in offering supplies to assorted markets on diverse car demands runing from serving demands to engine parts. The basic restriction that may turn out utile to FRAR is based on the thought of specialisation that these concern have on spare-Parts proviso. Finally, some makers opt to supply fix services under their typical mercantile establishments in an effort to supervise their proviso in diverse geographic or even regional markets.

Scheme and execution

FRAR will win in run intoing our ends through proviso of quality and / or criterion services to our consumers. Our services will be fast and convenient. Similarly, we will get success through guaranting a broad scope handiness of car parts stock list and adhere to fast supply abilities of the cardinal car parts.

Competitive border

FRAR will accomplish competitory border through focal point on convenient services to our client via frequent conveyance services or even after sale services, faster car fix services and prosecuting or networking with the local chief towing truck companies.

Primary rivals in England offers automotive parts gross revenues on retail while larger rivals engage in supercenter sort of a concern. Supercenters have big Numberss of automotive stock list units of popular car parts and related merchandises ( Abrams 376 ) . They serve the aftermarket needs where the consumers are expected to transport the fix service themselves while others carry-out the service for their patronages. FRAR will prosecute both services to guarantee an all-service supply, easing convenience and/ or effectivity. Rivals within England shops fundamentally carry-out the same line of merchandises. Variations merely result from type, theoretical account or figure of autos which are registered within different markets. On norm, a peculiar supercentre can hold an approximate of 20, 000 fix merchandises. Our main rivals will include MJ Sullivan Automotive and Monro Muffler Brake ( i. e. MMB ) and service, among others.

Pricing scheme

FRAR is focused at set uping and giving a competitory pricing in order to retain its customer-base. Auto-repair patronages are known to be really sensitive to value ; hence FRAR will do certain that pricing classs are perceived as good value to assorted clients. The locals, who may prefer premium option, will bask FRAR considerable footings for the same under the “ plain label” . FRAR will boom as a celebrated monetary value taker, seeking to stay in front amid competition. We will ever guarantee that our Marginal Revenue ( i. e. MR ) is presumed to be our set monetary values as an effort to stay relevant in our pricing. For case, FRAR will see bear downing all services offered based on market monetary values or even on lower terminals. Harmonizing to findings, car undertakings ROA ( i. e. Return on Assetss ) at about 4. 5 % based on the normal pricing of $ 400 per auto ( Sclar 134 ) .

Gross saless Strategy

FRAR will strategically concentrate on efficaciously reaching-out to our targeted sections representing of center and high category clients. We will chiefly utilize the direct gross revenues staff to run into the scheme. Similarly, we will extremely prosecute the towing truck companies who will help in capturing main road traffic or even altering local wants among automotive users.

Gross saless Literature

In order to efficaciously drive gross revenues, FRAR will do usage of an accessible supply catalog. This bing catalog is a forte designed card bearing critical trades that our client may utilize to perchance acquire in touch with our sections during engagements or even order petitions arrangements. It ‘ s critical note that FRAR five-color catalog will bear different screen depending on the pressing advertisement demands. For illustration, during rushing events our hardworking selling executive will redesign the catalog to bear the patrons logo, our alteration reference ( merely in instance ) or even any necessary print-on inside informations ; that may help in pass oning FRAR image to our consumers. In order to clearly place with the clients, we intend to basically carry on a preliminary study geared towards set uping the perceived alterations in our customer-base penchants. This attack will help FRAR in constructing gross revenues by intentionally concentrating on our consumer niche demands. Having our forte designed catalog precludes any demand to outsource Catalog production services ( Abrams 214 ) .

In order to ease quicker gross revenues, we intend to utilize catalogs enclosed with fix parts inside informations every bit good as services pricing for our “ normal label” car constituents. In add-on, FRAR will bring forth extremely designed circulars on in-house footing. These flayers will basically be utile during our major event such as open-day or during normal show window activities. Our Flyers distribution processs will follow the same attack as our designed catalog. Both circulars will be distributed under assorted agencies. For illustration, we plan to give-out some catalog to our clients on in-store footing while others can be enclosed in mails when grinding assorted inside informations to our clients. In add-on, FRAR may choose to personally hand-out or publish particular bulletin to any automobile event organisers in order to seek concern partnerships in a position to drive gross revenues.


We unfeignedly feel that our great chance to beginning for assorted car constituents and other related parts through assorted industry relationship with boost our competitory border. Under effectual relationship, FRAR will ever entree and negotiate for just trades when sing the demand to stock the warehouse with assorted fix constituents. Negotiation in car fixs is based on affordability every bit good as the market tendency for the after-sought services ( Sclar 416 ) . FRAR will seek to profit from this solid relationship in heightening our move in basking decreased costs during constituents sourcing. For illustration, FRAR we seek to set up particular concern trades as an effort to profit from monetary value waive on assorted buy-in demands. FRAR will basically buy an mixture of stock list from either makers or even regional jobbers runing in England. As FRAR ‘ s gross revenues volume additions, the direction will switch the venture ‘ s purchasing forms, by intentionally abandoning jobbers and sing a direct supply from our defined providers or makers. FRAR has planned this move in order to increase net incomes in future.


Our computing machine package and hardware systems to be used by FRAR will be carefully examined and evaluated prior to utilizing them for concern operations intents. FRAR will choose to settle for off-the-shelf, computing machine based package for all our accounting demands. Besides the package will be used for other minutess or concern operations such as gross revenues, monitoring, buying, and stock list direction intents. We anticipate to different makers whose system demand are diverse as good. As a consequence, during our initial period in operation FRAR will settle for their old every bit good as outdated package which will travel along with the projected computing machine system ‘ s costs decrease. Similarly, by settling fro this package, FRAR preparation costs may be significantly reduced to low-cost degrees. By following this system, all FRAR ‘ s recruits will grok the full system within one twenty-four hours. As a consequence, the system will chiefly rush our client order entry processs therefore easing our gross revenues while still puting our focal point on offering high-standard car services.

FRAR Marketing scheme

FRAR is be aftering to put ads on different imperativeness releases. Considerations will be made for front-gage entreaty. For illustration, FRAR will have an ad on “ London Gazette” , or perchance the “ evening Standard” , as deliberate moves to market our services among consumers who may at times prefer print Medias. Our print ads which may take a signifier hoarding will ease our selling every bit good. In order to capture clients appeal, we may have famous person advertisement at a negotiable cost possibly during FRAR ‘ s expansive gap ( Abrams 146 ) . FRAR will utilize this expansive gap chance in order to ease our attempts in heightening in-store publicities.

As such we may seek some support from our identified makers whom we seek to set up formidable relationship with, to offer door awards as a move in marketing the peculiar makers trim constituents. Nevertheless, trade shows will turn out utile to FRAR attempts in exhibiting assorted car fix services or even trim constituents and related expertness. Finally, viva-voce attack will help FRAR in relaying customized information to assorted patronages. For illustration, this attack will be valuable when pass oning FRAR ‘ s purpose to spread out or even relocate.

Chapter VI: FRAR Management Team

In a command to guarantee this ideal store doubtless sails-through, we will hold a competent direction squad. FRAR venture will hold four direction squad members. One individual, a gross revenues expert, will be entrusted with selling and gross revenues disposal for the concern. We will besides hold an overall director who will be in-charge of all the staff members. All FRAR wages will be adhered to as per the agenda ( Refer to Appendices A: Excel fond regard ) . In add-on, FRAR will enroll an excess individual with great experience in the fix parts industry, so that such person ‘ s inputs can be of benefits to FRAR, whose functions will be varied as good. Last, within the direction squad, we will hold a qualified finance every bit good as an disposal expert. This expert will be responsible for rating of FRAR public presentation to ease the concern ends accomplishment. FRAR direction will be runing in seasons, depending on the degree of bringing, where unqualified member may at times be replaced. Effective direction squad drives any organisation to greater highs in end attainment by originating feasible alterations, pointing the staff in accommodating to the same and heightening similar civilization among the work force ( Sclar 354 ) . Premised on this doctrine, FRAR will include effectual leading squad in order to help the venture in accomplishing its mission.

Management sum-up

We are aiming to enroll direction staff who are extremely qualified and with choice experience in the car fixs and/ or car parts industry. The gross revenues executive will be an expert in selling and gross revenues of car fix constituent parts, the finance decision maker will be an single with choice experience in that specific field every bit good.

Forces program

In the long term, approximately 15years we as FRAR program to put to a great extent in staff enlisting as a consequence of opening up new installations ( Refer to Appendices A: Excel Attachment ) .

Chapter VII: Finance program

We as FRAR expect to garner our ain capital and perchance seek excess financess from local moneymans in order to ease FRAR operations.

Break-even Analysis

In order to do accurate estimations of existent hazards, we will carry-out intermittent break-even analysis. FRAR will achieve this facet by establishing our consequences on entire gross revenues volumes for each unit and related operating disbursals. Presentation will be in signifier of unit cost, per unit gross every bit good as related fixed costs ( Abrams 156 ) .

Projected net income and loss

As FRAR, we will expect to hold a steady growing of profitableness throughout the following 3year operational period ( Refer to Appendices B: Excel Attachment ) .

Projected hard currency flow

Our hard currency flow projections will uncover that the provided financess for our day-to-day disbursal are adequately catered for to run into FRAR demands. Such an happening will be facilitated by a uninterrupted hard currency influx sufficiency to back up concern operations. We expect to run into bank loan within the following one period in our operations, possibly at financial 2011.