Attention deficit disorder

My high school years have been challenging but I have managed to fit in. I was born with a condition known as Attention Deficit disorder (ADD). This condition causes inattentiveness, over-activity and impulsivity. I learnt to cope with these conditions by having a good self-esteem.

I did not to inform the administration about my condition because I did not want to receive special treatment like getting more time to take my tests. I took challenging courses like chemistry, functions statistics and trigonometry. To improve my understanding of theacademicmaterial and also to get a better grade in my course, I attended summer school.

I did this to retake courses that were difficult to understand during school time and to boost my overall cumulative G. P. A. These courses required sustained mental efforts in class, which were difficult to maintain, but I extended my school hours to get more help from my teachers. I even arranged with them to stay longer hours in the school labs for extra tutoring.

I am very talented in gymnasium and my talent helped me get admitted in the varsity cheerleading team during my junior year, where I learnt to cultivate my interpersonal skills. During practice I dedicated all my energies to the teams performance and was promoted me to the assistant co-captain of the varsity cheerleading team.

I had supportive friends in the team, who with my coaches assisted me to solve difficult class work problems. They lifted my self-esteem in believing in me. Through the team I learnt that to succeed I needed to have self-confidence.

During my sophomore year I attended sylvan learning center, where I learnt to study and improve my skills to become academically successful. In the center I was able to develop good interpersonal skills and improve mycommunicationskills. This has enabled me cultivate goodleadershipqualities.

I believeam capable of getting in the university and once am there I will use talents in the gymnasium to occupymy free time. Being idle is a way of causing distraction and I want to remain focused during my academic years. I

will use my interpersonal skills to develop good relations with a students and also to be become a student leader. I will study hard in the university to achieve all mygoalsdespite my condition. I believe in working hard to be successful.

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