Memo The Business Manager The Regional Manager October 22, Suggested Revisions for the Memo
Effective technical communication is important in any organization. Therefore, individuals should follow the communication guidelines that have been defined by experts. In the memo addressed the Plaza Residents, there are certain errors that make it less effective in communication. The memo did not follow the correct format because the date should be located just before the subject. Moreover, the subject should have its first letter capitalized. The memo would have been more readable if it made use of headings of each problem highlighted. For example, the first paragraph needs a clear heading concerning the care of pts within the plaza. It would have been more appropriate if the memo had an introductory paragraph that outlined its purpose. A memo should not start with a main point without a proper introduction. The use of language and choice of words is of critical importance in technical communication. The memo does not consider this. Many of the sentences use words that make it discourteous to the residents (Anderson 34). It is advisable to urge people to abide by certain rules instead of commanding them. Many residents may feel agitated by the threats in the memo and the improper use of language.
As highlighted above, each paragraph deserves a proper heading so that communication may be more straight forward. The use of capital letters in an entire sentence is considered as yelling to the residents, and is improper to use in the memo. Although the building manager exercises a form of authority, the communication style used should reflect his respect for the residents. In any case, the residents are the customers and deserve the highest consideration. Therefore, it is unwise to address them in a manner that can be considered rude. It would have been more appropriate for the building manager to highlight the problems and make suggestions of potential solutions. This would have persuaded the residents to follow the rules of tenancy. Notably, the memo should use logos in an effort to convince the residents that they can do more in ensuring a high level of functionality in the plaza. However, the memo used pathos in creating fear in many of the residents, which is not an effective strategy. The memo should leave a room for the tenants to give their suggestions on the new terms of tenancy. It is critical to bear in mind that there are terms and conditions that define the tenancy agreement (49). Therefore, introducing new rules should not be a form of compulsion to the tenants. In addition, it is improper to underline some sentences in the memo. A proper choice of words can serve to place emphasis on the main points.
If the suggested revisions indicated above are put into considerations, the memo will serve as an effective tool of communication. The entire document may need restructuring so that it can adopt ethical business communication strategies. In the introduction, it is advisable to thank the residents for their continued support. After offering such commendations, it is proper to highlight the issues that require attention. The issues can be outlined and suggestions of potential solutions highlighted.
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