Aspects of the culture essay sample

What aspects of the culture in your state or region would be of particular interest to a foreign firm thinking about locating there?

The main interest of my region is cultural homogeneity and absence of diverse population and ethical groups. These factors can attract foreign company because there will not be cultural obstacles and difficulties to penetrate into the market. A single language supports cultural homogeneity. In contrast, if society is ethically diverse, this means that people may not be satisfied with similar products and communication appeals and approaches. For example, the main characteristics of consumers in my region are irrationality, sensitivity, and emotionality, so in advertising to them these qualities have to be appealed to. Also, there is a vast majority of teens (youth) population in my region, so it will be easier to advertise certain products creating a unified message. Cultural factors exert the major influence on consumer behavior as it is the most fundamental determinant of a person’s wants and behavior.

Every society and social group creates a unique culture influenced by its norms and traditions, historical and political development. Dogmas and norms of the society are embodied in the cultural tradition it has. Graffiti artists are the main peculiarity in my region. This subculture reflects aspiration of American nation to freedom and self expression based on unique faith and unique vision of reality; one of them reflect novelty while the other century-old traditions and family values. Graffiti artists emerged as a template of change in an over-changing world and yet a repository of carefully conserved verities as old as the American promise of freedom. In their art, graffiti artists have kept the American message of liberation and freedom alive. Graffiti artists are considered as a cultural phenomenon and social change agents brining novelty and new vision of cultural norms. Cultural homogeneity in my region shapes behavior and structures consumer’s perception of the world. Existence of subculture in my region does not have a great influence on consumer preferences, but contributes to different ways of life, habits, and customs of young people.


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