Army to fight president urbane

They went on the trip from 1951-52; Chew was still in his early twenties and a medical student. Chew was in Guatemala during the collapse of their government. The CIA were sent to Guatemala to topple a popular President named Jacob Urbane.

Urbane had been trying to reform Guatemala from a “ Banana Republic” by nationalizing the United Fruit Co. In Guatemala. The US did not like this and they sent the CIA. The CIA trained the Guatemalan Army to fight President Urbane.

The Army defeated Urbane and successfully executed a coup data. The US installed a puppet dictator who was oppressive and athletes to the people of Guatemala. Chew saw what happened in Guatemala and he saw how the CSS was a “ bad guy. ” Chew then became a Marxist and took his ideas to Cuba. Chew and Castro started the Cuban Revolution, Chew teamed up with Fidel Castro and together they were able to take down the oppressive dictator in Cuba; Effulgence Batista. Chew and Castro used guerilla warfare to defeat Batista and his troops. Castro became the leader of Cuba and Chew was his second in command.

Chew was an extremely violent person during and after the Cuban Revolution. It is reported that Chew executed more than 400 people. He is a symbol of freedom and rebellion to many people and especially in popular culture yet he is a violent person and robbed many people of their freedom because they did not agree with his ideologies, which is why he executed them. “ Chew was an enemy of freedom, and yet he has been erected into a symbol of freedom. ” (The Cult of Chew) Chew is not a fair man yet he is a symbol of equality. “ He helped establish an unjust social system in Cuba and has been erected into a symbol of social justice.

” (TheCult of Chew) Chew has a famous photo of him in a beret, that photo has been plastered onto t-shirts and people purchase them and wear them without even knowing who the man on the shirt is and what he stands for. “ l wonder if people who stand up to cheer a hagiography of Chew Guava will ever give a damn about the oppressed people of Cuba” (The Cult of Chew) Chew was not a man who was capable of compromise. He could only accept a true Marxist society which is impossible to ACH vive. “ Many of the early leaders of the Cuban Revolution favored a democratic or democratic-socialist direction for he new Cuba.

But Chew was a mainstay of the hard-line pro-Soviet faction, and his faction won. ” (The Cult of Chew) Chew turned Cuba into a communist state, but he was unsatisfied with it. He felt that Castro was not achieving a perfect Marxist state.

Chew was even exiled from Cuba, the place where he helped defeat the harsh dictator. Chew criticized the Soviet Union for not achieving a perfect Marxist state as well. Communism and Marxism can never work on a large scale though.

He fled to many countries to try and ‘ stir up’ other revolutions to do what he could not in Cuba. But he was unsuccessful. The last place Chew tried to start a revolution in was Bolivia.

Chew was 39 years old, he was no longer a young man and he could not accomplish anything. The peasants of Bolivia did not rise up against their dictator because they feared him. “ leading a guerrilla movement that had failed to enlist a single Bolivian peasant accomplished nothing. ” (The Cult of Chew) Chew was captured and executed in Bolivia in 1967. ‘ The volunteer warrant officer, -reran, fired the fatal shots” (Chew Triumphs on Battlefield of Memory) The only thing Chew did as cause the deaths of thousands of people and “ set back the cause of Latin American democracy. (The Cult of Chew) Chew was a violent man but he Was the man who defeated an oppressive Cuban dictator. “ A legendary guerrilla leader in the Cuban Revolution that ousted dictator Effulgence Batista in 1 959” (Chew Triumphs on Battlefield of Memory) Of those who truly understand what Chew did and stood for, some will agree with his actions and aspire to be like him.

Today many people still support him and they make up the “ Cult of Chew. Many are communists who want liberal reforms for oppressed peoples of South America. All my life we communist pioneers pledged to be like Chew,” said Jose Validates “ Now I’m here, in the footsteps of Chew.

” Many historians have differing opinions on Chew Guava, some say he is a bad person and some say he is a hero. “ Guava was a trigger-happy megalomaniac whose bloody example led thousands to their deaths in futile uprisings that only hardened military repression from Guatemala to Chile Guava is forever the doomed idealist, the poetry-loving “ guerrilla” and “ most complete unman being of our age” (Chew triumphs on Battlefield in Memory) Every man does good and bad in their lives.