Are people born to act in certain ways or are they socialized essay example

Human behavior is influenced by both their environment that encompasses the socialization aspect, and their genetic composition. From a scientific perspective in genetics, the genes of a person capture most evolutionary responses of previous populations to specific selection on their behaviors (Breed, 16). The environment, through socialization, gives a person the chance to adjust to ongoing changes in his or her own lifetime. If human behavior is solely determined by genes, an individual might be trapped in drug addiction, violent behavior and bad parenting. Most of the cultures harbor the belief of self-determination, ability to make choices and free will (Breed, 18). The role of reasoning and thought in human behavior minimizes the effect of an individual’s genetic make-up and hence often results into more rational decisions made by the individual.
However, scientists, philosophers, biologists and even religious leaders have been at loggerheads with regard to whether human behavior is determined by socialization or by the genetic make-up which controls the inheritance from parents. Most scientists agree that both play a major role but the degree played by each of them is the source of controversy (Breed, 31). Some scientists believe that the socialization is the main factor that controls the behavior of human beings, while others who link history of the family with current situations tend to support that behaviors are inherited and are often beyond an individual’s control. Some scientists have conducted studies relating to the crime history of families and tried to monitor children born from these families, but adopted by families that had little or no crime history. However, the research keeps revealing conflicting results hence the extent to which behavior is influenced by either genes or society remains a mystery. The only fact is that both affect the behavior of individuals.
2. Assignment
a. In one sentence, explain dramaturgy.

Dramaturgy is the technique or art of theoretical representation and dramatic composition.

b. Provide an example of how you use impression management in a particular social situation, in your own life.
Impression management is a way in which individuals influence how other individuals think about them or something else, often by controlling and regulating information in social interactions. Impression management is often used by people in job interviews by applicants where they need to leave a positive first impression to succeed in the application. In a job interview, the applicant dresses officially which may not be his or her usual dressing, he or she is more attentive to details. Some people go to the extent of practicing what to say although that is highly discouraged in an interview. Apart from the physical aspect of impression management, an individual may adopt some character traits that he or she does not naturally possess such as confidence and posture. He or she may withhold relevant information that may reduce his chances of getting the job such as a previous prison sentence or previous allegations against them.
c. Be sure to include who is present in your front stage (audience) and where you go to be in your back stage (without audience).
In the front stage of a normal interview hall is a table circled by interviewers who randomly pose questions to the interviewee. The panel of interviewers is your immediate audience because they listen to your responses and take note in the process as they evaluate you.
d. Include some specifics of your personal front that help you in this social situation.
In such a situation, an individual presents only the best side of themselves. Negative aspects such as intolerance, hot temper and perfectionism are highly suppressed in order for the applicant to succeed in getting the job. The interviewee aims at outdoing all other applicants by presenting the best personality to fill the vacancy. Some intelligent interviewees will go to the extent of researching in the qualities needed to fill the post and then present them in an interview. If a post requires an organized person, he, or she may show up for an interview with a folder and his credentials neatly arranged in order of importance in a chronological order. Etiquette is also highly valued and must be mastered beforehand.
e. Explain why you have to put on this personal front and engage in impression management for this social situation.
The reason for adopting this personal front is for the individual to succeed in getting the job and outdoing other interviewees. Since the interview is a one-time test, the individual seeks a comparative advantage over other prospective employees who have been interviewed.

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