Applying for a position as a human resources assistant manager – resume/cv example

Applying for a Position as a Human Resources Assistant Manager

Resume Introduction: A with positive attitude regarding of achieving milestones by applying dealing experience in the HR job postingoffered by the Allied Bank (supposed name), California.
Objective: Applying for a position as an HR assistant manager.
2008 (insert the year you started graduation) to Present- from •Bachelors in Business Entrepreneurship
Highlights of coursework:
•Business entrepreneurship
Technical proficiencies:
MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Frontpage), Visio.
Employment history:
Did part time job in a bank in china teaching the costumers how to make deposit, get cash and prepare the paper work to open an bank account.
Work in parents’ company (noodle factory) as an assistant.
Personal competencies:
I can work in teams and can prove to be a helpful team member. I like to deal with people and sort out their problems, which is the skill I learnt during my part time job in a Chinese bank. I have excellent communication and problem-solving skills. I believe in commitment and determination toward achieving the organizational goals.
Professional goals:
I want to excel in the business industry by gaining experience through this job offer. I want to be an effective HR manager who can deal with customers and the company personnel through excellent communication and conflict resolution skills. I know that I have a passion to excel in the field that I have chosen for myself, and that is why I am applying for this job posting so that I may be able to polish my personal and professional competencies.