Application of constructivism in evaluation of public relation programs

I approached everyone I interviewed with an open mind and expected any response. First, I had to earn the trust of the interviewees by being friendly by considering their ethnicity and explaining to them all the questions they asked. I gave the interviewees time to reflect on the questions I asked and did not interrupt them while talking. After getting all the information I required, I appreciated them for the time they spared to talk to me and left.

Evaluation of public relations programs is instrumental in determining the effectiveness of the programs that an organization has set. Stated objectives will enable the public relations officers and workers of an organization to know how they will communicate the desired message to the public effectively. The stated objectives set the standards that will guide people in an organization on how to relate to the public and customers of the organization. The standards are instrumental since people will ensure that they live up to the rules of dealing with the public. Therefore, objectives will determine the proper communication strategies that people in an organization will follow to reach the public (Thinkspot).
Coca-cola has an awareness operation on Facebook, which has the goal of increasing its customer base in the world. It aims at reaching out to people on Facebook and informs them of the products that the company provides on the Coca Cola Facebook page.

I would use surveys to asses my goals and to determine whether my public relations campaign is effective. Surveys will include asking the public whether the awareness program is working. This would be the most effective since it will give me immediate feedback from the targeted audience of my campaign.