Anti-social behavior

Today there is great increase in anti-social behavior and lack of respect to others. What are the causes to this and what measures can be taken to reduce this problem? The issue of individualism has never been new since 12th century and yet mounting evidence shown that increase in anti-social behaviors could be found in the contemporary society. Reasons behind the issue together with effective methods to be adopted will be discussed in the essay.

Upbringing in the birth family could be the contributing factor as there is a generally accepted belief that the mode of parenting determines different life patterns for each child in the future. To be more specific, constant dispute and quarrel, together with cold war, or even divorces in parents brings bad seeds for children’s solitude, cold and introverted characters. And it is estimated that 89. 4% of criminals who kills people regardless of their emotions are brought up in divorced or single family.

Besides, over indulgence and pamper from parents or elders would definitely lead to neglect of other’s feelings, and conducts. Secondly, the phenomenon could also be attributed to educational level one received. It is widely seen that those who spit everywhere, speak loudly or refuse to give away their seats to the elderly in pubic are those who are not highly educated or illiterate. They are deprived of schooling for some reason, which means they are also lack of proper opportunities of being taught code of conducts and moral ethnics.

Based on the above statements, a couple of measures need to be taken. Emphasis on family harmony should be attached by governments, companies, society as well as individuals, some course or psychotherapy sessions can be conducted on healthy relationship together with parenting. Besides, compulsory education should be implemented in each area, regardless the poverty reason. In this way, love and concern is spread in the society and there will be more consideration and respect to other people.