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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Q According to Greenstein, the president is a “ cognitive aid” for the citizenry because he allows citizens to understand the complexity of contemporary government. Besides, the president is the symbolic representation of all citizens in the office. As a result, the president symbolizes the central government in Washington to the people of the US. The president graces iconic and historical events considered influential in the countrys history. Greenstein explains that the president is the most popular and respected individual in America (Greenstein 523).
Q 2
Pass secretaries, appointed by the president, help, or advise him or her on how best to carries out official duties. Their mandates outlined in the constitution are to act in the presidents capacity within their areas of responsibility. As provided in the constitution, concerning the assignment of duty by the president, no decision shall require unprecedented authorization.
Q 3
Permanent campaign refers to reforms in American politics from old technique patronage of party machines system to contemporary use of the media and political consultants. The shift influences modern politics in a way that politicians continuously make rational and informed decision that promote public participation in strategy agenda. Permanent campaign theory emphasize on public approval of political leaders, contrary to party affiliations as a governance strategy.
Q 4
The background of a president greatly relates to level of executive performance during their term in office. Background influence emanated from judicial powers bestowed upon an American president to make autonomous decisions. In the first place, the president has executive privilege that allows him to withhold from revealing any communications made directly to him in exercising administrative duties. The second is state secrets privilege to withhold information in legal proceedings. The president’s background can cause him to use privileges to perform executive duties.
Q 5
The key point of multiple advocacies is influencing public opinion and resource allocation choices not only in political spheres but also in economic and social fields and organizations. It is a mixed form of system because it has many activities like media campaigns, public dialogue, ordering, and issuing research.
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