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Marketing Trap-Ease America (Question September 14, Question The target market for Trap-Ease is composed of all home owners who are currently bothered by the rat infestation (Student Case Book 62). The homeowners are composed of several individuals. One possible homeowner is the husband. Another possible homeowner is the wife. The third homeowner is someone who is not the husband or the wife. These homeowners are in dire need of the rat reduction products. However, the homeowners want to buy a quality rat reduction product. Likewise, the same target market has already fixed its minds on purchasing certain rat reduction alternatives from Martha’s diverse competitors. Thus, Martha’s marketing strategy is to reach these rat-infested home owners.
Further, there are other target markets. One target market is the middlemen (Student Case book 62). The middlemen will sell the products to the ultimate consumers in another community where Martha does not sell its rat-reducing product. Another target is the wholesaler. The wholesaler will sell the product in another territory not being served by Martha’s company.
Furthermore, the homes will use the Trap-Ease rat-reduction product to literary end the rat population (Student Case book 62). Martha’s company targets the other possible target market. The other target market is composed of all homes with no rat infestation. The marketing plan is to emphasize that the home owners may not be able to see the rats hiding in several home rat passages. The product will ensure there are no rats within the premises. Targeting the other market will greatly boost current lackluster revenues by as much as 500 percent because there 500 percent more home owners who feel rats are not present in their homes.
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