Answer 3 questions after reading the article

Questions What is the apparent to purpose? The report intends to inform people about the products of the company he works for. In the process of detailing the products of the company he works for, he presents a medical relevance of the products by giving insights on the medical conditions the devices are meant to tackle. Generally, the writer’s purpose is to inform the audience regarding heart conditions and how the company’s product handles the condition. The information is simplified to eliminate medical jargon and enhance the understanding capacity of the targeted audience.
2. Who is the likely targeted audience?
The report targets the audience that is affected by heart conditions and would like to seek alternative solutions. That is the reason why the writer goes into details by explaining how the product exactly works. The information is meant to guarantee the audience of high quality medical standards of the product and the company that produces it. Additionally, the writer intends to show the efficiency of the product to the audience and offer assurance. The manner in which the information is simplified and structured goes to show that it is meant for an audience that suffers or has a history of heart conditions.
3. Briefly look at each paragraph; what contribution does each one make (explains the need)?
It is notable that each paragraph presents an idea of its own. Each paragraph is designed to address another aspect of the overall message. This implies that the ideas are continuous and complement ones found in previous paragraphs. This brings about a comprehensive, coherent and a logical flowing report. It is important for each paragraph to be designed that way as it improves readability and understanding of the reader.