Answer 2

Progress Report Alfred Dennis, Chairman, Syndicate Information Technology. Daniel James, Acting Manager, Syndicate IT.
Date: June 6, 2013
Subject: Project Report on Informational Report
Project overview
Syndicate Information Technology secured a contract on behalf of the government to research on the technology of video conferencing in the country. The memo, therefore, describes the progress the companys team has made since the last progress report on August 2013.
Works Completed
Each team member was assigned tasks and outlined results on Monday, June 4. Each member of the team completed research on the surveyed users through the internet, desktop research, software research, and research on the microphone.
Works to be completed
Some of the tasks that are yet to be completed include interviewing the software users, getting specifications of the product from the vendors; adding information to microphones and internet users research, and incorporating the necessary suggestion into the final report.
Work in progress
The companys research team is preparing the necessary tools for the uncompleted research. Some of the tools in preparation include questionnaires, gathering respondents and conducting reconnaissance.
Anticipated problems
The progress of the researching team is still on plan. However, we are prepared for any difficulties in bringing together two previous reports each member of the team wrote in the unscripted copy. The team will overcome this difficulty through thorough revising, proofreading, and editing with the help of writing expertise.
By the end of July, the Board of Directors will have a comprehensive report from the researching team. In case the board needs further elaboration, they can contact me via e-mail. Another setback that the researching team has encountered are financial inadequacy, transportation complication, and fewer research assistants to perform timely research. The researching team will appreciate if the board helps us out in this complication.
Audience Profile Sheet
Audience and Profile Sheet
Audience and Purpose
Primary audience: Government unit.
Secondary audience: Chairperson, Syndicate IT
Relationship with audience: Government firm is my client, secondary audience is my employer.
Purpose of the document: Update and inform.
Audience and problem statement: Research on technology of video conferencing in the country.
Intended use of the document: Perform an assignment.
Information needs: Basic facts
Technical Background: Expert in IT.
Cultural consideration: Directness.
Probable Questions: relevance of the findings.
Probable reaction: Approval
Audience Preference about the document
Length and detail: detailed and concise.
Format and media: Memo
Tone: Business like
Due Date and Timing: July 30th , 2013.
Budget: Mobilization fee of $50, 000
Work Cited
” Sample Progress Report.” The University of Oklahoma. N. p., n. d. Web. 4 June 2013. .