Analyze film-rligious

Worldview Analysis Film Analysis of Avatar College Introduction: Avatar became immensely all over the world due to its different subject, making and theme of the movie. The movie best represents the teachings of Bible which can be compared and contrasted with what the world has been shown through movies and the pop culture.
The Story:
Avatar revolves around the story of researchers who are engaged by a huge yet greedy corporation who are accompanied by the mercenary militants to a new world known as Pandora. They were in search of a precious mineral and their quest led them to a forest-filled land which is populated by Na’vi; people who were taller in heights and blue in color. Their collision would destroy the beauty of Pandora which reminds about the Garden of Eden of the Old Testament.
The Spiritual Worldview:
The movie unfolds the various spiritual colors which are experienced in its pantheism, the early evolution and hyper-environmentalism. The movie highlights the social, moral and spiritual issues that have become the concerning issues for the American society. For example, in Avatar, the comments about as being the blue-monkeys refers to the idea of evolution despite, they had their own language and could speak other language and in addition, they knew how to make tools. In some places of the movie, extreme environmentalism has been promoted by the director. As we can see that pantheism is the concept that has been promoted in the movie which revolves around the concept of worship of the creation. However, the worship of creation was prohibited by the apostle Paul to the humans. Similarly, we can analyze that how Na’vi worshiped the Mother Nature; they believed their gods live inside the trees, plants and other animals. Different kinds of trees were depicted in the movie especially one tree which was known as Tree of Souls which they believed is connection between Na’vi and their mother. In the end of the movie, the hero of the movie prays to the imaginary Na’vi god by making the Tree of Soul as a connecting link and pronounces human are not kind and generous enough to serve the planet Earth. He stated that “ There’s no green there (Jake Sully). The extreme environmentalism promoted through this movie was the message that stated, “ They killed their mother and they are going to do the same here’ (Jake Sully).
In Avatar, one of the characters that hold a special position is the hero of the movie who was selected by the god of Na’vi. Jake Sully is a protagonist who is incarnated just like how Jesus Christ was. Eventually, he becomes the hero of Na’vi and leads them to a different type of salvation which is followed by the grave experiences of death and later, resurrection. He was bestowed with the special powers by their god on his worship. The movie even possesses the idea of second birth which is not based on sheer faith but their second birth is the main part of their experiments.
The movie is intermixed with the themes taken from Bible which glorifies the knowledge of even the ones who claim themselves as secularists. Major themes taken from the bible revolved around salvation, death, and resurrection. Avatar can be explained as a fictional movie that revolves around a tree called as Tree of Souls and the mother god of pantheism. The movie also holds a deep message of hyper-environmentalism. The movie unfolds the different meanings of life and its purpose which projects what God has already scribbled on the hearts of humans.
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