Analysis of breastfeeding ad

Teacher Analysis of breastfeeding ad The article that will be ed for analysis is Oreo cookies breastfeeding ad where it generated a lot of controversy. The ad was created by Cheil Worldwide, an independent advertising agency. The ad was used during an awards gathering in South Korea. When the ad was leaked, it quickly gained momentum as the public was either thrilled or disturbed by the ad.
The image of the advertisement is very powerful. The use of the baby in advertising Oreo obviously appeals to our emotion. Everybody finds a baby cute and it is inevitable that people will really like the image of a baby. The ad became more powerful when the baby was shown to be breastfeeding. It is powerful because a woman’s nipple is usually concealed and this ad showed it. The controversy or thrill it elicited from the audience and the media only meant that the use of emotional appeal is very powerful. The image is so powerful that the product that Oreo is advertising did not become the center of attention even if it is placed at the center of the photograph.
The ad is not only controversial that made the use of emotional appeal powerful but also logical. Controversial as it may be, the ad is actually logical because baby must really be breastfed. Logical appeal is logos in rhetorical tools that helps the message believable by making it consistent with reason and reality. People may find the image controversial, thrilling or some may even judge it as obscene because of the showing of the nipples but it cannot be denied that it only reflects the reality that babies really suck nipples to be fed. If this image will be judged as obscene, its creator can readily defend themselves that they are only portraying a reality.
The ad may be controversial but it cannot be readily dismissed as garbage or obscene because it was created by a reputable ad agency Cheil worldwide. It meant that the people who created the ad were professionals and knows what they are doing. The reputation of the advertising agency who created it made the ad credible and served as the ethos. Initially, people may want to dismiss the ad as something obscene or improper but when they realize that it was actually created by a professional and global advertising agency, they would tend to analyze and reconsider their opinion and look the ad closely. Had this image been created by a nobody, it would have dismissed as disrespectful and obscene. But it received a different treatment when it was made by an advertising agency that breastfed advocated even lauded the ad.
The advertisement becomes very powerful because the image used the rhetorical tools of pathos, ethos and logos effectively. The image of the baby sucking his or her mother’s nipple is very emotional. It is also logical because that is how really babies are fed. It is also credible because it is made by a reputable advertising agency. The ad is so powerful that it stirred controversy.