An experience case essay sample

An experience I had witch taught me a lesson was that I went to a summer program and there during the program at the beginning I did not think I would be of a use and I gave up on myself and I kept minimizing my self and I even told the teacher to jut give me the answers because I gave up. I later tried and actually did the project and put my all to it but I kept on thinking I was going to do horrible and it was not going to work out and all the bad things I could think of. Eventually the day came to turn in my project and my teacher was amazed on how good I did but I taught he was kidding and just messing with me, turns out I did excellent and didn’t realize it. That experience taught me to not give up and anything is possible if I put my all to it. Another experience that had thought me a lesson was when I first joined basketball in 7th grade, I came into the team because my parents wanted me to and I could not back out.

When I joined I thought that I would not learn or be any good and I would only carry the team down by how bad I was, when I first started I was really bad and now I am part of the team as a good player that is needed half of the game. I learned that if I push my self and try my best at something I could actually do what I want and be who I want to be. Basketball taught me patience because of my patience of learning how to be good at the sport and again perseverance because I know that I can do anything I want if I just try and put my best to it. Another experience was My experience made me realize that sometimes you think those people is your “ best friends”, but in fact, they are not your “ true friends” at all. In my 6th grade year, students were streamed according to ability.

I was placed to a good class. We were very busy because we had to get the highest grade. Therefore, we were spoiled by almost teachers and we could enjoy special privileges. For example, we did not need to do any cleaning up areas in school because teachers thought our time should be spend on taking test instead of cleaning up. And of course, living in such environment, we would feel proud of ourselves. We only hanged out with our classmates; we never hanged out with other students. Nobody would feel this was a weird custom because everyone used to it. I had many close friends. We were always at the same group, same class and same society. Not only we thought we were best friends, but also all people thought we were true friends, too. We did not talk to other students and we did not care about other students, therefore, we did not have any friends.