An effect of science, morality and medicine, resulted in the extensive discursion of sex.

An effect of science, morality and medicine, resulted in the extensive discursion of sex. Science included medicine, condemned a lot of aspects of sex to be unhealthy, tried figuring out the truth behind it by talking about it as much as they could, with every detail possible, and included itself into the confession room. They discussed about the perversions of it, use perversities of various aspects of sex to conceal it in a way, to put it under a category and behind a screen. Treated as an evil to society, they found medical reasons to abstain from sex apart from the norm and began claiming it on moral grounds as well. It claimed sex to be able to eradicate the species, that it was capable of being a danger to the moral and physical cleanliness of a human. They grounded themselves by using science as a tool to procure the ‘truth’ behind sex. Treated shamefully, and drawn out of the cupboard to seize the almost disgusting truth behind it. Not only about reproduction, but also about seeking the truth within the act of sex itself no longer treated as a matter of morality but also of knowledge. They demanded one to know the greatest details of sex, but without referring to it directly. They wanted one to be cut and dry about referring to it. Devoid of all emotions, desires and pleasure. This was the scientia sexualis treatment of sex, which was prevalent in the west. So while in the west they were trying to uncover the truth by distancing themselves from the pleasures of sex, in the east, the truth was derived from understanding the pleasures itself, they used ars erotica, the erotic art was what was how sex was treated. They used sex and the workings of it to understand the soul and the body. The ‘truth’ behind sex was kept a secret out of respect and not out of disgust or to shun the act itself. It was something that needed mastery and could be done so, if the secret was seeked from the master. So the treatment of sex in the east and the west was treated as different as science and art. While the science aspect of it that are inhuman and from a perspective of a distanced observer, the arts looks at the more human aspects of it and the more personal aspects of it. Ars erotica and scientia sexualis are forms of knowledge but ars erotica lets one learn about the sensual experiences and how to make the most of it, while on the other hand Scientia sexualis is moe about other peoples sexual experience. While secrets of ars erotica are passed on in an almost sacred state. The secrets of Scientia sexualis are something that need to be drawn out, cause its considered a shameful act and need to be confessed to a master in confidence, unlike ars erotica where you learn the secrets from a master. The West was not completely void of ars erotica, they did have a master to teach them to optimize experiences down tot heir physical components. Eventually though scientia sexualis soon started finding itself seeking pleasure in various aspects. As though they were seeking ars eroticism within scientia sexualis. They found pleasure while understanding and gaining knowledge of pleasure itself. They gained pleasure in seeking the truth. Although it seems like it’s a deception of ars erotica, the pleasure isn’t real in terms of sex or connecting with desire people and understanding oneself better but lulling yourself into a false security. The requirement for pleasure was bound to be addressed in someway; they had to fulfill it by finding the ‘ars erotica’ in one form or another. So in a way it could be the new ars erotica but cannot replace it as the true art still exists and finds itself more satiating in a way.