American flag

What Does the US Flag Represent? America is the land of opportunity and success, but 15 of 100 people live in poverty. We hold 22% of the world’s prisoners, and still claim to be free.

America works hard for what we want, but working for what we need is a given. We are free to practice religion, but we can not partake in religious actions in school; but yet we praise the flag. I stand proud, but I never said my pledge allegiance -Capital Steez (RIP), Amerikkkan Korruption. Humans have the right to live the life they want. America didn’t grant us this right. We are granted rights through the idea of The American Dream, democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality.

Our government changed without knowing or having a decision. Democracy is all citizens having say in politics. Although four times electoral college overran popular vote. The word “ democracy” doesn’t appear in the constitution or in the 50 states. We have a Constitutional Republic, not democracy! In theAmerican Dream we have rights, which are infringed each dayby government workers.

We don’t have many rights in schools which we are forced to attend, by the government. Liberty has been neglected and hidden in the shadows of the wealthiest political applicants. We are granted opportunity. This right is given with life, anyone that has lived has had opportunity. I stand tall for the men who have given their life for this country, I stand tall for the people who have made efforts to make America a better place, and I stand tall those who have worked hard for what they have.

But never to a flag, we all have the opportunity to better this country. But not as a whole. One bad ingredient destroys the whole recipe, so I stand with moral driven men and women. Never a flag