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of Lecturer] English, Essay American Leadership This is a reflective paper that addresses current and future leaders on the American leadership and the need to renew leadership styles in the face of the more complex threats the country faces.
In the history of the United States, there are numerous instances in which the leadership of the nation has been put to test with regards to protecting its citizens. Additionally, American leadership capacity has been tested with regards to expanding the opportunities for citizens. Among the achievements of the U. S leadership since historical times include the building of formidable military, the championing of bold and new architecture, and securing peace and peoples’ wellbeing. Even in current society, American leaders should be relied on to give visionary guidance as the country encounters unimagined threats such as weapons of mass destruction, global terrorism, rogue states and weak states, natural disasters, new and chronic diseases, and global warming among other challenges. Due to these threats, there is need for strong, appropriate, and effective leadership styles in the U. S, mostly for the wellbeing and safety of the public. These leadership styles are in fact the indicators by which the leadership of America should be defined. The United States of America, being a world superpower, will always have its leadership assessed and judged. Due to its responsibilities and influences, there will always be the need for the U. S to renew its leadership styles, policies and strategies.
There are several types of leadership styles that people should emulate in the U. S. These styles include directive, participative, empowering, charismatic, and celebrity/superstar leadership (Mills 15). Although quite well understood, directive leadership, which involves the giving of orders by political or corporate executives has considerably become less common in the U. S. The other style of leadership recommended for U. S leadership is participative leadership, which emphasizes teamwork. Related to this style is empowering leadership, which stresses the assigning responsibilities to colleagues and subordinates. American political and corporate organizations should thus empower the people by such leadership styles. The other type of leadership by which America should identify with is charismatic leadership by which leaders will be followed for their qualities and successes. In fact, such leaders will not have to offer anything in return for the support of their subordinates or the public (Mills 16). However, the definition of charismatic leadership could vary from one culture, community, or socioeconomic class to another. The other leadership style with which America should adopt is celebrity leadership in which a leader is regarded as a star and has profound impacts on the media, customers, or the public.
The American society should place certain responsibilities and qualities on leadership. These qualities should include passion, decisiveness, conviction, integrity, adaptability, emotional toughness and resonance, self-knowledge, and humility. Due to the many threats the U. S. faces, its leadership should be ready to be constantly called upon to renew its strengths and capacity to provide for and protect its citizens. Otherwise, the leadership of the country will fail in its core function of ensuring the safety and the security of its people.
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