Alternative advertising method used by kfc

Company In relation to the current high level of business competition, various businesses are making efforts to ensure that they develop and implement effective alternative forms of advertisement in order to suit in the current high competitive market and to attract a wider range of customers. One of the Companies that have employed alternative advertisement techniques is the Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food Company (KFC).
Alternative Advertising Method used by KFC
Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most successful Fast Food Companies in the United States of America as well as in other parts of the world. This Company has employed the use innovation as a pathway to attract a large number of customers. In my visit to one of the branches of the Company, I was shown several alternative advertising methods used by the company. However, the most interesting involved collaboration between KFC and the Hasbro which was majorly based on conducting advertisement in classroom.
The fundamental idea behind this advertisement technique was providing learning programs to students on various ways in which the body works. This learning was conducted in an interesting manner and at the same time, the students were informed about KFC’s new launch of the laptop meals and improve brand affinity. During this training program, Hasbro and KFC also applied the use of three specific bookmarks, teacher’s guide as well as posters. The three unique bookmarks were; Wild planet, Purell and NGK.
This has been one of the ways in which KFC has been successful; the services offered by this Company are known throughout the world making it one of the most known Fast Food Companies.
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