All women’s week

Q Ans. I found this assignment challenging because while it is easy to spot the forms of media created solely for women e. g. fashion shows, jewelry exhibitions, makeup tutorials, and cooking classes, it is a little difficult to find something solely produced or created by women. Nevertheless, I read Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling.
Q. 2: Ans.
I did not cheat at all during the week. However, I must confess that I was inclined to cheat as I was not finding anything solely produced by a woman in the media but just then, Harry Potter Part 6 in the shelf of my room caught my attention as this book qualified as a form of media written solely by a woman.
Q. 3: Ans.
Yes, I would not have read Harry Potter Part 6 recently had it not been for this assignment. The reason is that I have read it few years ago, though I liked Harry Potter series so much that I purchased the entire volume.
Q. 4: Ans.
My favorite forms of popular culture are music and fashion. It cannot be generalized for all forms of popular culture that they maintain or resist systems of inequality and privilege. Certain forms do maintain them while others resist them. One can find disparity in these aspects even within the same form of popular culture. For example, A&F is known to maintain racial prejudices and inequality as the brand prefers recruiting predominantly white models and customer services’ agents to display its accessories and garments through. On the other hand, most contemporary music is promoting racial equality and harmony. Most latest music videos include actors of a variety of races.