After read minds of people about the problems

After looking at the present situation if I were to tell the best futuristicgovernment that can one day rule over the world would be cyberocracy that dealswith artificial intelligence and other cyber machines that help in politics.

This government would be a social and a political system based on the priority ofthe human mind. My government would bring up a lot of organizations likehealthcare centers and NGO to help poor and orphan kids. There would be aleader but that leader would be a robot that can easily read minds of peopleabout the problems that they face so that the robot can try to bring somethingthat would be suitable for them.  Agovernment must be perfectly fit for the people and this government might helpbring a perfect government. And even in the future the world would be fullyfilled with technologies that are being discovered a lot these times so thismight be the condition in the future most probably. This government will alsocure the problems of economy faced today all the people will be treated equally, females will hold higher position than males, all the crisis of malnutrition, water, pollution etc. would be curbed.

All the people would be compelled towork to bring the country at the top and have a good trade with othercountries.      FUTURISTICFORM OF GOVERNMENT: Indemocracy voting plays a major role and the person gets the right to be aleader when the people support him or her. This brings political stabilityaround the country. Democracy maintains the peace during the transition ofelected members while in other systems it sometimes leads to a civil war or a politicalstrike. Democratic system is much more organized as the people are less likelyto cause wars because of their leaders. Democracy increases the participationof people in the politics and gives a sense of belonging to the citizens. Thus, I totally agree with the fact that democracy is the best form of government. So, as Isaid Democracy is the best form of government.

Democratic government helpspeople choose their own ruler. Other systems don’t involve this they just relyon small groups of people or an individual to select their ruler alsohereditary births and other arbitrary methods have no concern about theircitizens. Democracyis a famous and one of the best governments according to me. For our westernworld, democratic government is the most superior government for everyone. But, there is no government without its pros and cons and hence there is no perfectcountry with a perfect government. But, this doesn’t stop us from thinkingabout which is the best form or government? BESTFORM OF GOVERNMENT    SOCIALISM:- Also known as communism whereeverything is equal no one is considered less or poor. The profit earned by aperson is equally distributed.

Everyone profits and everyone has equal rights. Countries that are under Socialist rule are China, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, etc. DICTATORSHIP:- One man rule and leadership whowould decide everything and would order whatever he wanted. All power is withinthe dictator. He has the rights to take or have anything from his citizens.

Usually the dictators lie with luxury and wealth while the citizens lie withfear of the dictator. This form of government is in North Korea, Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola etc. ANARCHY:- A government where people fightfor themselves without any leader. Everyone works independently and no one istold do something for others. There is no voting or elections of leaders.

ThisAnarchy is prevalent in Somalia. DEMOCRACY:- A government where all the poweris with the people. Even democracy is divided in two. One is direct democracyand the second is representative democracy.

In direct democracy the citizenshave a direct participation in the voting. In representative democracy thecitizens power themselves through the representatives of election. The citizensfollow the election representatives.

This is prevalent in almost all thecountries like India, USA, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark etc. MONARCHY:- It was, and is one of the populargovernment still ruling in few areas. Monarchy is a system of autocracy wherean individual or a monarch rules over a place. There are 2 types of Monarchyone is Absolute monarchy and other is constitutional monarchy.

AbsoluteMonarchy is where the monarch rules over a place without following the laws. Constitutional Monarchy is where a monarch rules with the guide of aconstitution. This is presently in UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. andis ruled by Queen Elizabeth II.

Governmentsare formed to exert their power over their citizens and take them way ahead inall fields. There are many forms of government presently in the world and theyhave influenced their country citizens a lot, below here I have some of the 5major governments in the world presently. THEDIFFERENT FORMS OF GOVERNMENT