Advertising is a form of communication tool assignment

Advertising is a form of communication tool used by firms in marketing designed to increase awareness to the customers as well as positioning it in their mind. The major aim of advertising is to drive the consumers towards changing their behavior in buying and persuade them to prefer the particular advertised item. It has been broadly defined as a non-personal paid for communication about a certain organization, idea or goods and services that is persuasive in nature by a certain sponsor. Today almost all firms and organizations engage in several forms of advertising to change consumers behavior in buying.

The advertisements have an effect on the customer behavior where through persuasion customers change their preferences. Advertising has a direct impact on the consumer behavior where it influences their purchasing behavior through persuasion that is aimed at informing consumers of the benefits of the products. Advertisement is targeted at particular customers through satisfying their needs. Advertising manages to position a brand at the back of customers mind. When well positioned, consumers will want to associate themselves with the particular product out of their perception towards it.

For instance, Nokia Company positions its brand as one that connects people. Many people would be interested in this particular product because they know thy will be connected to others. This way, the advertisement will capture many buyers hence influence the consumers to buy its products. The main objective behind advertisement is influencing the consumers to behave in a certain way when it comes buying, one that favors the advertisers. The advertisement aims at making a good impression to the consumers, one that persuades them to believe what the advertisement displays such as strong words and images.

For instance, if an advertiser knows that a particular group of people is interested in a certain lifestyle such as having a beautiful figure for women; they could advertise their goods b through showing how their products transform a person into this ideal figure. Consequently, people will believe the product and probably end up purchasing to try its effects. This way, the advertisement will have influenced consumers mind as well as behavior. Another way advertisement manages to influence consumer behavior is through hanging their perception concerning a particular product or through selling ideas. Advertisements are in many forms and some are meant to sell ideas. Advertisements that sell ideas make people change from their views to the ideas put across by the advertisement. For instant, during political campaigns, politicians sell their ideas to people that determine who might win. Without such adverts, the politicians would not influence people to vote in their favor. More so, adverts that aim to change the perspective of people on a certain product manage to change people’s views.