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Cholecystokinin is produced in the small intestine and is a hormone that plays a big role in the digestion of fats and protein. Cholecystokinin effect is also seen in the vagus nerve and brain. It generates feelings of satisfaction when a person has consumed a lot of food thus shutting down the feeling of appetite. This hormone may sometime be introduced into the body for the purpose of carrying out a test on the diagnosis. Cholecystokinin hormone stimulates the release of bile juice to the digestive tract by making the gallbladder contract and relax. Bile is also released when the digestive tract detects fat content on the body (Mason 22). Cholecystokinin also inhibits the stomach from being emptied by providing a sensation that will result in stomach distension
Secretin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body system and is produced for medicinal purposes. Secretin is used in the pancreas to stimulate the secretion of digestive fluids which is reached in bicarbonates and has neutralizing agents for stomachs that are transported to the small intestine. Proteins are broken down by pepsin which is released by the stomach through stimulation by secretin (Mason 24).
Gastrin is a hormone produced in the stomach lining and upper part of the small intestine. Gastrin stimulates the release of gastric acid which helps in breaking down proteins in food and in the absorption of certain minerals (Mason 25). Gastrin also helps in killing and disinfecting the stomach by killing bacteria that find its way to the stomach through the food.
3. Uric acid
Uric acid is a chemical by-product that is created from the breakdown of purine substances that are found in drinks and foods (Mason 26). Uric acid is dissolved in the blood and is passed to the kidney where they are eliminated as urine.
Accumulation of high levels of uric acid in the blood leads to a condition called gout or hyperuricemia. Gout can be caused by factors in the diet where there is a high intake of the diet with purine, sugars, or high-fructose corn syrup. Gout may also be caused by rapid weight loss or fasting (Mason 29). Certain kinds of drugs e. g. thiazide can increase the levels of uric acids in the blood. Gout can also be due to a reduction in the excretion of uric acid
The normal level of uric level in an average adult is between 3. 5 and 7. 2 mg/dL. This value may vary a little depending on the laboratory where the test was carried out (Mason 31).