Activity of choice

The paper ” Activity of Choice” is a great example of a psychology assignment.
The activities which I indulge in outside of calls could be that of social service or helping distressed people. This is more in the case of migrant and refugees people who come to this country from other parts. I am interested in their rehabilitation and living purposeful and productive lives, useful not only to themselves but also to others.
I conduct group sessions, especially with young people, especially teenagers regarding their problems and ways and means by which these issues could be tackled. I conduct group therapy classes wherein people are required to openly voice their problems and issues, and the other participants in the group respond with their advice and suggestions on how these issues could be solved or the problem mitigated. “ Group therapy helps people learn about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships.” (Group Therapy para 3).
The main objective is to remove the shyness diffidence, lack of self-confidence among the people, especially their feeling of social isolation, which is a major factor minority people feel in an alien country. By improving their public speaking skills, raising the levels of their confidence and self-belief, I try as much as possible to bring people into the mainstream of human living in these places.
The joint group therapy sessions are mainly conducted in a public place, such as a park or stadium so that everybody could participate and be benefited. These are conducted thrice a week from 5 PM to 8 PM in the evenings. I feel that such kind of social meetings could ease away tensions and fear, make the participants stronger and ready to face social challenges and also improve their personality. This Group is a platform from which negative feelings like social isolation, fear of public speaking, tension, and rivalry could be eliminated and everybody could work harmoniously to build a better social order. This could also be in terms of helping fellow human beings to lead better lives for themselves and for others.