Active listening, improving an ability to listen and lead

The paper ” Active Listening, Improving an Ability to Listen and Lead ” is a wonderful example of an assignment on English. Listening is one of the most important skills that are required for communication to be effective. Active listening has major impacts on the quality of relationships with people around as well as on job effectiveness. Some of the importance of listening include; obtaining information, understanding, for enjoyment, and to learn among others (Michael 12). As a result of good listening skills, one is able to increase productivity, improve the ability to influence others. In addition, one is able to improve their persuasion and negotiation skills (Michael 18). Active listening also helps avoid conflicts and misunderstanding between individuals, especially at the workplace. Listening very vital in the professional field since as an employee you have to pay attention to colleagues as well as leaders at the workplace. For instance, when the boss at work is assigning a task to you, active listening is required for one to understand the instructions given. In addition as a leader in the workplace, you are required to have good listening skills to understand issues that are troubling the employees and how to improve their performance (Michael 28). Active listening does not only involve being quiet and paying attention, but it also includes a study of body language, moods, facial expressions, and natural behavior. For example, a manager in an organization must consider the opinion of their subordinates before making critical decisions (Michael 32). This can only be achieved by having good listening skills. Active listening also helps in building better relationships that are trustworthy, transparent and that breed true loyalty (Michael 29). Listening is an important component of leadership not only in the workplace but also in one’s social life. Leaders who listen to the members of their units are found to be effective and in a better position to lead responsibly.