Accomplishment report essay sample

We Serve Fresh Business Implementation start at the opening of a bank account and then deposit the acquired capital from each proponent. And afterwards the proponents allocate a budget for their first purchase of dressed chicken which is their product. They also allocate a budget for preparing and buying all the things that are needed. Proponents/Implementers bought things that are needed for operation like tools and equipment such as knife, calculator battery, and weighing scale. Proponents also bought supplies like plastic bags that come with different sizes, pens, marker, receipts, cash voucher and small notebooks used for listing of orders. These are the things needed for the operation. On the day of the first operation, the Proponents decided to visit their prospective customers that they have interviewed during the survey process to inform them that their business implementation begins the next day.

The operation begins when all the Proponents meet at the Supplier’s location at 2: 00am in the morning to purchase the products. The Supplier will give the receipt to the Proponent in charge and the Proponents will pay the product, then it will be carried to the delivery tricycle and the Proponents will go to the Company location to start weighing, separating, packing, recording, and computing all the chicken meat based Customer’s order. After the following process, all the Proponents will clean up the location and deliver the products to the designated places where the Customers are located. After all the products had been delivered, Proponents will return to the Company location to audit the sales.

The Proponents chose to have chicken meat as the product not only because it is one of the major commodities but also the benefits it brings for the Consumer’s health. During the business implementation, the products were all in good condition, but suddenly the Proponents noticed that some of the products have some defects. The Proponents returned the defective products to the Supplier since it was the agreement. The Supplier explained everything to the Proponents about some minimal defects on the product because the product that the Proponents purchased was uncontrollable. Regarding with the sizes, the Supplier as well as the Proponents cannot commit to have the same sizes every day for the reason that the sizes and also the price of the product depends upon to the farm owner.

Implementing a business is definitely not easy. It is normal in every business to face different problems either from the internal or external factor. During the Proponents business implementation, the Proponents faced several problems but eventually the problems were solved. The most problem that the Proponents faced was come from the internal factor. Since the Proponents business is General Partnership, all of them have an equal responsibilities and duties to the success of the business. It is not easy to understand each other especially if the other Proponent excuse is not reasonable and understand. Regarding the lack of responsibilities, duties and effort are not easy to understand if the organization itself does not have a broad communication. It the Proponents are like that, that will probably result in a conflict. Due to that problem, the Proponents were able to get some advice and help from the adviser to solve the conflict. And then the problem had been discussed and by then it was solved. And now, the Proponents had almost finished the three months business implementation.

Doing the financial statement was also the crucial part which the Proponents experienced every end of the month of the implementation. The Proponents do the paper works at their office located at 3564 Cardinal St. Barangay San Juan, Cainta Rizal. The Proponents keep the receipts from the purchases down to their sales in their Customers. Also, every transaction was recorded. In doing the financial statements, the Proponents first gathers all the receipts, arranged it properly so that when they began to encode their weekly sales, making journal entries, statement of cash flow, statement of owner’s equity, cash disbursement, income statement, and balance sheet they have a clear basis.