Academic pursuit in financial engineering

Admission Essay Personal ability and potential are measured by academic records among other ways. Over and above academic records, extracurricular activities have been integrated into modern education systems. Depending on the context in question, academic records can be both accurate and inaccurate measures of personal ability and potential. Personally, academic recording is not an accurate reflection of my ability and potential. Performance is evaluated in terms of scores and results from continuous assessment tests and exams.
Knowledge gain and exposure to vast information should not necessarily be evaluated on the basis academic records which are purely based on exams. Although academic records measure the level of understanding and therefore knowledge therein, optimal understanding is not guaranteed. Cramming of academic concepts in a bid to pass exams and therefore attain good academic records by students cannot be refuted. Personally, I have engaged in activities that boost my personal performance, not only in academic contexts, but also in factors that are over and above my academic interest; financial engineering. On the same note, in comparison to friends and classmates, I am personally advantaged. My academic history is rich and I am therefore exposed to vast information and knowledge. I have as well interacted with numerous cultures from around the world, thereby building diverse and dynamic cultural and social personal aspects.
Strengths and weaknesses are integral to personal growth and development (Pavlina 161). My persistence to academic excellence and particularly gain of knowledge and skills is my key driving strength. Exposure to different societal settings of the world has further developed my understanding of the diversity and dynamism of world societies, equipping me with a strong basis of interaction on cultural, social and leadership skills prior to my academic pursuit in financial engineering. To be precise, I am adamant in pursuing that which will take me to the next level. Contrary to strengths are weaknesses. Failure to achieve my targets comes with disappoint. I am also static in adapting to new environments. With time however, I am able to correct any negativities that accrue from this, and my friends and family actually identify with this adaptability.
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