Abstract assignment

Food Steroids, Antibiotics, and Sprays are factors that this research paper will discuss into details as to their benefits and risks both for food manufacturers and consumers. Reports done by several reference materials have raised arguments for and against the negative and the positive aspects of the same. As presented by Arlington Heights (2012) in his article “ Does Giving Antibiotics to Animals Harm Humans,” animals fed on antibiotics grow healthy as per the expectations of the U. S consumers’ demands of cheaper animal meat; however, the resultant of this type of feeding may be deadly diseases on the consumer population itself. Additional information negating the use of such processed foods as will be discussed into depth in the main document are addressed by Adam Mike who says that processed foods lack nutrients needed in the body as natural contents are stripped off during the manufacturing process; process foods also contain metabolic disrupting ingredients that resultantly cause brain damage, diabetes and cancer; and lastly, such foods do not take in the place of nature given food because of the process through which they undergo during processing. Steroid hormones in processed food are suspected to be the culprit in early puberty among girls (Richard L. Curtis L. and Davis J., 2008). Using antibiotics in farm animals as growth promoter will be seen to have side effects of antibiotics such as the resistance to Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter jejuni and enterococci. In summery therefore, going through this research paper will give you (the reader) a critically researched, analyzed, developed and documented research report that argues both for and against the subject matter based on the relevant resource materials that will be included in the in-text citations and reference section for further reading. The views drawn and decisions reached after will be explicitly expressed in the conclusion section of the document.
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