Abraham lincoln – short essay

In 1828, Andrew Jackson was elected for president because he was a common, well-known man who was involved in the world and has acted profoundly throughout the years. In 1829 Andre Jackson became the seventh president of the United States until his term ended in 1837. During his presidency, President Andrew Jackson had several accomplishments. To begin with, Jackson was the first to introduce the Spoils System to the national government. This gave him a chance to fire everyone in congress and just hire anybody that supported him to give the presidents more power and favor.

Many disagreed with this system but he did it anyway. Jackson vetoed more bills in his presidency than all the presidents put together. He was the first to use pocket veto and used the power extensively. While in office Jackson defied the Supreme Court leaving everyone confused. In the Worcester Vs. Georgia in 1832 the supreme court ruled for Georgia. President Andrew Jackson defied the decision that the court made and ordered a removal. He was against the court and he vetoed their decision in a blink of an eye.

Jackson was a man with various opinion and he also took a stand in what he believed in. The Second bank of the United States was full of fraud and corruption and President Jackson wanted it to end as soon as possible because of that. It did indeed end and Jackson was considered completely responsible for that. He vetoed several bills to get it done and did not rest until the bank went bankrupt and ended. President Andrew Jackson was a great President, a great husband, son and father but most importantly, he was a good all around person who accomplished so much in his life.