A summary of the – william kunstler: disturbing the universe

Movie Review: William Kunstler Disturbing the Universe The movie is an autobiography of the life of a liberal lawyer Mr. William Kunstler. Kunstler is famous 20th century lawyer who represented several activist groups and individuals including Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Daniel Berrigan among other prominent individuals. The film is directed and produced by Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler. According to the New York Times magazine he was known as the most-loved and hated lawyer in America. He served as and negotiator for inmates at the prison uprising in New York in 1971. When hired as an attorney, he successfully defended the clients leading to acquittal in some cases. For instance, while presenting the freedom riders, he presented the case critically leading to success. Through circumstantial evidence, Kunstler presented several cases during then activism period with a higher rate of success.
In the speech presented about racism, he illustrated the power of segregation by white and considered himself a racist because he was white. The movie highlights the life of Kunstler and addressed several legal issues including The Bill of Rights which is pertinent with regard to racism. The defending of the Roman Catholic Activists including Daniel and Phillip Berrigan illustrated support of freedom of expression. Therefore, Kunstler was known for defending the activist groups notoriously. However, after ascending to stardom he lost focus and lived a life filled with self-importance and loss of perspective. The brilliance in legal issues led to several successes with the lowest point being in the failed negotiation in 1971 for the inmates at Attica Correctional facility in New York. The movie expresses the character of Kunstler succinctly and perfectly.
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