A print company’s acceptance document to be signed by its national sales org of service centrally deployed (itil)

NSO/RSO Release Readiness Checklist Purpose: The motivation behind the NSO/RSO release readiness review is to guarantee that the project is in line with the development of software process. In addition, different countries should check if there are any system interconnections and any dangers involved. Indeed, NSO/RSO release readiness affirms that all departments in each country are updated and are completely mindful of all pending releases and possible impacts associated with the release checklist. In this report, strategies of risk mitigation and emergency course of actions have been clearly outlined.
An NSO/RSO release readiness meeting ought to be held with an intention to survey the organizational structure. Members of the release readiness committee ought to incorporate a delegate from all the countries in concern.
NSO/RSO Release Readiness Checklist
Service Offering:
Status [RAG]

Resources-NSO to provide contact details of below
Business Development Management Champion
Marketing Champion
Service Champion
Order & Contract Management SME
MPS Select Infrastructure and Implementation SME
Service Area SME
Customer Reporting Service SME
Configuration Manager
Technical Specialist

Knowledge Transfer- NSO to confirm knowledge of following
Sales Training
Service Proposition and Release Plan
Statement of Works / Service Catalogue / Commercial Model
Order & Contract Management Process
MPS Infrastructure Implementation
Print Policy
Functional Specification and Technical Design
Service Operations
Customer Reporting
Infrastructure Readiness
Oracle setup- Pac Codes
Release Test and System Requirements- e. g Pilot required?
NSO Pilot and Analysis
Configuration Validation
Documentation Checklist-NSO to confirm awareness of location of docs
Service Catalogue [External/Internal]
Statement of Works – Content and Policy
Commercial Model – Content and Policy
Pricing Set-up [PIS/PAD for Assets]
Sales Pay Plan
Order & Contract Management – Content and policy
Print Policy – Process for completion
Functional Specification and Technical Design – Architectural Mapping
How to Guide- Process for completion and Back Out Plan (disaster recovery)
Service Operations- SLA, Escalation, FAQs
Approval and Signoff
Service Champion Signature
Development Champion Signature
Support Services Signature
Project Sponsor Signature
Director or Director designee Signature
Director or Director designee Signature