A portrait of mona lisa

Art is a traditional work that is painted in many different pattern of objects. Many people create portraits of art as an expression of how they feel. In the modern world, art is shown in different cities, subways, parks and etc. The greatest art was created in the early century and was called a masterpiece. This portrait was known as the greatest masterpiece ever to be painted. It was painted in the ass’s. The way Leonardo Dad Vinci used the lines in the painting was extraordinary.

The lines is one f the most important elements of art that abstracted into a great piece of work. The lines did not illustrate any pattern of moving. The lines were mostly a combination of vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and contour lines. Many lines were cured and straight. The lines also varied in thickness. The painting had a variety of color, texture, and continuity. While viewing the picture, I did not notice any gesture lines in which would indicate action of movement of the woman. The artist did a good Job of outlining and use contour lines to make the painting a more 3 dimensional. The lady in the portrait had a mystifying gaze.

Dad Vinci used a shadowing technique at the corners of her lips and eyes that made her look like a real human. This was a new trend in art at this time period. The landscape faded to create depth in the background. The landscape was uneven on both sides of the lady in the center of the portrait. The painting is meaningful because Leonardo Dad Vinci created a new pose that still exist until this day. At that time period artist only used full length or side view portrait unlike the ” Mona Lisa. ” This emphasized evolution in art and inspired other great art forms to be created. Leonardo truly captured the beauty of the lady e painted.

Her posture magnetite the viewer’s eyes to her face. The way her hands cross with her shoulders. This is what made the portrait a masterpiece. This masterpiece is very unique and stands out a piece of art that changed art for many years to come. In conclusion, Dad Vinci created an ordinary picture that became a beautiful masterpiece. The Mona Lisa was a well- known piece of artwork all over the world. He created many other drawings that he was recognized for. Dad Vinci was a great painter but what made him famous was his drawings. Reference 1 . Www. Tautologically. Com/Mona-Lisa By mysterious