A few strokes to the portrait of a mate

This paper tells an untold story about a mate of mine from whom I see the life of a typical human being who fall but tried her best to stand again and face the challenges in life.
This classmate of mine is the youngest of the three fruits of love of two people. Her mother is presently enjoying life who was one of the first African-American to graduate from Mercy School of Nursing in 1957. Her father had already passed away.
My classmate, Okanecia Rorie, is presently living in Charlotte NC since 2004. She has been married for two years and has 2 step sons Jamel and Amir aged 10 and 5 respectively. Okanecia is a confident and very sociable African-American female who has contagious sense of humor. Her smiles make anyone believe that problems are blessings that can sharpen ones personality. As reflected by her ambition to become a nurse, she is extremely loyal and has a great concern for others. She felt that helping others is her mission in life. My classmate is also a poet. She loves to write poems and daily thoughts that make her life an easy yet enjoyable. She has also strong faith in God and believes that nothing is impossible with Him.
In terms of her physical attributes, she is 53and 1/4 inch in height with black dread and dark complexion. She has brown eyes and sparks like a star in the silent night. She is also a left-handed and has a slender body build. Okanecia also has a unique birthmark around her navel. My classmate honestly accepts her bad habits like smoking and nail-biting.  She also can’t stand things like gossiping, popping gum, chewing with mouth open and driving behind slow drivers.
To finally characterize this friend and classmate of mine, she is a woman who wants to help others, and by doing it, her dreams will be achieved. As Halt (2009) once said, “ Achieving your dreams by helping others achieve theirs’“.
Halt, J (2009). The University of Luzon, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
Dagupan City, Philippines