A description of gangnam style viral videos

A Case Study of Viral Videos A viral video refers to a video that develop into a trendy video through a procedure of internet sharing. The process of internet sharing is realized through social media, email, and video sharing websites, for example, YouTube (Comer 64). Psy’s Gangnam style is one of the most popular and highly videos through different mediums in the world. The tremendous attractiveness of the music video has been associated to its unique dancing moves, for example, the horse riding dance, and a number of humorous events. The horse riding dance merges hand movements signifying those of someone riding a horse and the stylistic components of shuffle dancing. The principal idea of the song is of a self-declared popular man searching for the ideal partner who knows the time to become wild and the time to be refined (Copsey 6). In addition, Psy’s Gangnam style unanticipated reputation has led to a number of interpretation of its meaning.
Psy’s Gangnam style established a comical connection with its audience from the beginning. The video rapidly developed an association with the artiste, his actions and events by permitting the viewers to share in Psy’s captivating dancing moves. As Psy entertains his viewers with the dancing moves, he also highlights aspects of his location, the Gangnam district. Associations such as these can be made through an entertaining artiste or attractive elements in a video. Moreover, Psy’s Gangnam style video also went viral because it employed the element of creative disruption (Ramstad 26). The video contains memorable dance styles, a carousel, singing from a toilet, and houses. Gangnam style is entirely unexpected, catchy, and outrageous.
The video received significant coverage from all over the world and from sites, for example, KoreaBoo, Yahoo, and AllKPop, and became viral within days of its circulation. The following weeks saw the music videos get recognition from pop music and internet humor sites, for example, PopDust, Gawker, FunnyJunk, and BuzzFeed. Psy’s Gangnam style was presumed to be a viral YouTube video by news rooms, for example, ABC News and CNN by the first week of August (Ramstad 32). Community influencers also contributed to the video going viral. The popularity of a video can be enhanced by getting support from tastemakers and influencers within the related online communities.
Psy’s Gangnam style has also had an impact in Asia. The video’s sophisticated arrangement and rendering have made it extremely popular to the entire public. In addition, the video has played a significant part in highlighting the Korean lifestyle, language, and culture in Asia and the rest of the world. Gangnam style has also been utilized for political activism by the North Korean government. Ai Weiwei, a Chinese citizen has also used the video while in handcuffs to signify his arrest in 2011. This phenomenon highlights several characteristics of the internet culture. First, anonymity, in the internet viewers do not have to a physical encounter with the artiste or actor. Second, common interests, the internet entails a number of individuals with common interests. Finally, humor, those who post their ideas on the internet try to capture the viewers’ attention through humor (Katie 23). There is no guideline for making a viral video, but recognition or deep association with viewers, or differencing features.
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