A degree specialization in family medicine

As a Nurse Practitioner I would be able to use theory, research and clinical expertise to improve the health of the patients under my care. Working as a Registered Nurse, I often feel that I can do more towards the care of my patients if I could work independently, without constant supervision by a physician. This is one of the primary reasons behind my application to a Nurse Practitioner Program. From pediatrics to geriatrics, I have been involved in the treatment of patients of all ages and have found that I can work with ease with everyone. I am passionate about my work and, I feel, I am well-suited for a career in Family Medicine.
I have often found my patients, irrespective of their ages, recover much better when their families are involved in the treatment process as well. I can appreciate that on a personal level as well; I belong to a close-knit family and growing up in such an environment has made me realize just how important the family is not only for our emotional wellbeing, but also for our physical wellbeing and health. My beliefs, thus reinforced, have compelled me to pursue a degree specialization in Family Medicine.
Once I become a Nurse Practitioner in Family Medicine, I will be better equipped to treat my patients; I will not only continue the patient care duties I am currently involved in, but would also use more theoretical and clinical expertise to deal with my patients. Moreover, after graduating from this program, I plan on partnering with a physician to open up a family clinic, thereby ensuring that I would be able to bring my personal philosophy regarding patient care to my work and, thereby, create a more conducive environment for the recovery of my patients.
I am also interested in volunteer work. I plan on volunteering with organizations like Doctors Without Borders, or MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), and Project HOPE to work in third world countries. Such organizations would benefit more from a volunteer Nurse Practitioner; a Nurse Practitioner does not require supervision by physicians or doctors and can deal with the patients on his/her own, ensuring that both time and effort are saved and more patients are treated. Moreover, as such organizations are usually short staffed, a Nurse Practitioner would be more welcome; as an individual who has such clinical expertise, I will prove to be an asset to such volunteer organizations.
A graduate education would help me realize the lifelong dream of setting up a family clinic emphasizing on the healthcare of patients in the context of their families and community. Additionally, I would be able to give better and more adequate health care to some of the world’s neediest people in various countries. These considerations, combined, have driven me to apply for this program. It would not be remiss to say that this degree would help me fulfill my career goals as well as my personal aspirations.